Thrips and no spinosad avalible

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    Lovely uk and their brexit bullshit , I normally buy Spinosad on eBay for £10 and it works first time 100% on any pest especially thrips

    I found a very infestation on 1 plant I am 2 week in flower which makes it difficult ffs , I have yellow paper down

    the spinosad avalible only is £45 for a small bottle and long shipping £100 imported postage

    what can work fast ? I’ve seen the nematodes and mites you can get but I don’t know how effective they are , lacewings I got once worked from what I saw but I want something a bit faster ?

    rapeseed oil at 3% is a good insecticide I’ve heard ? I don’t want to use neem in flower full stop lol so that’s out the window

    what can I do that works and isn’t a gamble
  2. they gnarl into the flesh of the plant and lay eggs, it's hard to get rid of em.
    I've gotten rid of em using Safer's EndAll miticide that contains potassium salts (ie. hand soap) and pyrethrin.
    Round one of spray will kill the adults, but you have to spray over a ten day period (to be safe) to kill the next gen before they lay eggs again.
    I've also been using mosquito bits when I get invasions. I can even use them in hydroponics, but otherwise it's a drench.
    This is a live modified BT intended for mosquito larva but will also knock down the thrips at the soil/root level.

    good luck with it
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  3. Google copy
    pyrethrin safe to use on veg?

    Pyrethrin sprays can be used all on fruits and vegetables up to a few days before harvest. When exposed to sunlight, the National Pesticide Information Center reports that pyrethrins will break down within a matter of a few days, making them safe for edible garden use.22 Jun 2022

    how true is this ? I thaught it remained for 6weeks ? Or is that somthing els ? , this sounds natural and good

    Found this also
    In the presence of sunlight, pyrethrin 1, a component of pyrethrins, breaks down rapidly in water and on soil and plant surfaces. Half-lives are 11.8 hours in water and 12.9 hours on soil surfaces. On potato and tomato leaves, less than 3% remained after 5 days. Pyrethrins do not readily spread within plants.

    14 to 17 days

    In the absence of light, pyrethrin 1 breaks down more slowly in water. Half- lives of 14 to 17 days have been reported.

    So is this safe to use at week 2 then ? It will break down by week 5

    only downside is it effects beneficial insects so I guess don’t spray the soil cover it spray leaves and apply again 5days on when eggs hatch
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    Can’t even get pyrethrum wtf is happening here I can buy Al sorts of chemicals cheap as chips lol

    vitax py powder closest I can find says organic on water data sheet has talc too guessing calcium lol
  5. As a temporary fix get as much yellow sticky paper as you can and suspend it horizontally about 1" under the bottom of your canopy. It should catch a lot of them.
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  6. Yeah have done found they like blue ones better though lol yellow gets the fruit gnats , it’s like a separation sheet lol

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