Thrips Amazing resistance to death

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    So, I saw some funny scratchy looking marks on my leaves…looked…didn't see anything.
    Next day….leaves are starting to look sick…plant is slowing down….looked again…nothing.
    On the third look, I saw it…and thought it was an aphid.
    Got out my Safer's soap and sprayed the plants down very well -top, bottom, pots, soil.
    Looked up garden pests on the 'net. It wasn't an aphid….wasn't a mite…not a whitefly….not a fungus gnat….not a flea…..WHAT? OH, WAIT!!! - A THRIPS!!!
    Next day…seeing more and more thrips! DAMN!
    Got some diatomaceous earth and dusted the plant -top and bottom, pots, and top dressed the soil.
    Next day…thrips walking around with diatomaceous earth stuck to them!
    Went to the garden store and got some Captain Jack's Bug Spray with spinosad as the active ingredient.
    Also clipped all the sick/dying leaves before I applied the spinosad.
    Just checked…no thrips in sight…so far!
    But, I have to tell you this…I found a live one on an old houseplant and I poured isopropyl alcohol directly on it and the leaf and then put it under my scope. The thrips "swam" in the alcohol for a good 5 minutes or more before it finally stopped jiggling around! That's undiluted isopropyl alcohol! 
    What are these things? Miniature "Aliens"?? Damn! They almost can't be killed it seems.

  2. Thrips are easily controlled w Spinosad. Just be consistent & thorough in your applications. You're on the right path. But do destroy them, as it's not them that's a big deal, but all they can be a vector for.


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