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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by XColonelsPrideX, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. Hey-lo everyone!! I just wanted to post and introduce myself. TheColonel is my boyfriend, and I always see him surfing GC. He just gets engrossed in it. I started reading over his shoulder recently and discovered what a great group of people ya'll are!! I decided to sign up myself!!!!

    Soooo.... this post is to say;

    Its nice to meet you GC!

    Im ready to party :hello:.
  2. :) welcome to GC

    If anyone sees her being newbish and immature, please tell me and ill take care of it:D
  3. Hey there! Welcome to GC. I hope ya like it here:wave: :smoke:
  4. Welcome to the City, the grass is greener on this side. :smoke:

    Your boyfriend's a cool cat, got a level head on his shoulders and I enjoy his posts. Hope you stick around! :wave:
  5. Hes cool... i guessss.. :smoke:

    i use to be a very prude religious christian......then he came into my life those many years look at me:yay:

    thanks again baby!

    on a different note:

    Thank you for all the welcomes- :smoke: you guys rock.
  6. Word up welcome to th city
  7. Yay!!
    Welcome to GC.
    You seem really bad ass, so don't let me down.
    Lol, jp.
  8. I will try not to let you down Pink!! i'll try to uphold my bad ass-ness :cool:

    :laughing: Thank you guys for all the welcomes. I have to tell you, ive been on message boards before- but I think you guys might just be the best group yet.
  9. Welcome to G.C
  10. Welcome to the city!!! Any friend of the colonel is a friend of mine!!

    ps--original or xtra crispy?
  11. She's not gonna give out the secret recipie that easy.:ey:

    Indy: you have nice shoulders too!:D
  12. But....:poke: ...But....DAMN.

    No wonder you're so proud of her!!
  13. Imm way too stoned to comment so... Congrats. Hooray <3
  14. Thank sweet Jesus I read this post after smoking.

    You just gave me the perfect way for everyone to find the perfect girl for 'em.
    Try to date prude christian girls, get them high and then talk. Lol.

    Or something like that. :bongin:

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