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  1. my favorite way to shop by faaaar. do any of you like to go thrifting cause if not I suggest you hit up your local consignment shop. in the last like month I've got 3 pairs of super awesome dress shoes, two cute skirts, tons of comfy sweaters and adorable hair accessories. I mean if you're a chick or just like dressing like one this is def something you should try. I don't know about dude clothes too much, but I'm sure you can find some bomb jeans or something. :hello:
  2. The salvation army and goodwill in my town always have really nice clothes actually. Rich people around here donate their half worn clothes and I pick em up for absolutely nothing.

    Got three long sleeve Arrow brand button down shirts for 8 bucks. They're like 30-50 bucks a pop. Shit's look brand new.


  3. awesome! ahaha keep thrifting :D
  4. My ex used to drag me into every single thrift store she saw, she only had like 2 or 3 items of clothing that weren't from one. Can't stand to go in them anymore

  5. aw man I bet she had a nice wardrobe. I'm not gonna lie, I'm always trying to convince my boyfriend to go to some but he never does. oh well, more for meeee! and you should go to some for shits and giggles :D
  6. Haha well honestly Ive found girls clothes are way easier to find then guys at thrift stores. So many chicks wear things a couple times and get rid of them, guys wear their nice shit till theyre full of holes and fall apart
  7. I found a $200 dollar watch and sunglasses set for $9.99 at my local salvation army had the 199.99 real price tag thing on it and everything.

    It's just kinda shitty because nobody can pull off matching watch and sunglasses without looking like an uber douche, espically when the sunglasses are blue.

    I'm always hunting for deals there now.

  8. too true :laughing:

  9. shiiit. bargains make me so happy hahaha and agreed on the glasses/watch thing, but keep huntin!
  10. Hit the thrift shop when they had a bag sale. Ended up with 3 beautiful, real silk blouses (among others) at a cost of 17 1/2 cents each! The local thrift shops support a food bank, the Humane Society and SNIPS, a spay/neuter program. All of which are worthy of my support! :D

    Granny :wave:
  11. Thrift shops are pretty cool; I did my community service hours in one. 95% of everything is complete shit though lol
  12. Rofl, went and got 3 buffalo shirts for 6 bucks then walked up to the actual store and looked and each shirt was $55.00, i used to buy there ALOT too thats fucking ridicilous.
  13. ehhh I prefer online shopping to thrifting
  14. Yea I love thrift store shopping...Really good finds.esp for pants....I just get angry at the large variety/quality of womens clothing compared to mens...but i guess thats life

  15. Ain't that the fuckin truth.

    I can walk in the local Savers which is HUGE and look through all their mens clothes in 2-3 minutes and then be outta there. There's nothing at all for tall, skinny, guys at the thrift stores in my town. A small in America is fat and short, not skinny and long, unless you want to pay 30 bucks per item at some bullshit store.
  16. Literally almost all of my clothes are from the thrift store except pants because i wear a 28x32 which apparently no other person on earth is that size so... but yeah the thrift store is that shit my home town has like 6
  17. Love thrift stores. Absolute best.

    I like to wear clothes that look good on me, regardless of what's in style or the current fad or whatever. I get compliments all the time, and people can't belive that I got that dress/shirt/skirt/necklace/whatever from a thrift store and only cost 5 bucks (or that I made it out of something ugly I bought at a thrift store for like 25 cents)

    anyway, since nobody's beaten me to it, here's an awesome song in the spirit of this thread.
  18. Anyone in NYC?
  19. I found a Michael kors belt at a thrift shop, tags still on it, never worn for $20!

  20. Did you buy it ? Of course you did ...

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