Thrichs mostly clody but plant still looks immature to me

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by quickdrygirl, May 2, 2016.

  1. Its a northern light auto from Royal queen seeds.

    Its at 12 weeks from seed now.

    What do u think from the pictures? How long till finish?
    Now its like 70% cloudy already.

    I don't watch couch lock so i wanted to harvest 90%-100% clody and a bit of clear. maybe 1% amber.

    What do you think i should do? Start flushing or something maybe?

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  2. It's hard to tell from the pics but I believe you have quite a bit of time left. There are still a lot of white pistils and the buds appear small. Are you checking the trichomes with a microscope or a loupe? The bus will go from shiny to snowy.

    How many days or weeks have you been in flower? My Northern Lights took about 65 days to be fully ripe after hitting the lights.

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  3. I have 60x microscope.
    Weeks umm i dont really know but its an auto strain so probably like 8 or something if they supposed to start flower after 4 weeks and total is 12.
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  4. You have at least a week and a Half left, there are loads of white pistils left, they should all pretty much be orange if it's done
  5. Since they're Autos you'll just have to let them do their thing. I'd say you have 1 to 2 weeks left. You can wait for someone with more experience but I would say Give It 2 or 3 days, do your first flush. Wait 2 more days and do another one and then watch the trichomes daily do you get to that ninety-five/ 5%

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  6. What kind of lights do you have?
  7. like 150 cfl but its enought for my square footage, well its not good but people pull DECENT amounts with this light and either way the buds look immature by the color of pistils not neceserally just the size ( i mean i know they will be small cuz of the light but the trichs are clody but pistils are still white 80%)
  8. 2 more weeks imo.
  9. But the trichs are already mostly clody. Wont they turn amber in the two weeks?
  10. Not necessarily Quickgirl. There is no right answer when to harvest. The whole "couchlock" thing I read about isn't always true with the trichs ambering up. Don't forget each strain is a little different.
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    That many white pistils I wouldn't even be looking at the triches yet I bet in two weeks you post a pic and everyone says two more weeks! Not ready yet my opinion.

    There is a lot of factors in breeders times and one of those factors is not using CFLs to grow with. I used to grow with CFLs and nothing matched up to anything I read except that I would get low yields with soft ass charmin toilet paper buds and then switched to hps and bam I could throw a bud at someone and knock them out they are so hard not saying your not going to get decent weed it's just a fact that your not getting top shelf weed with CFLs.

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  12. I would expect a bit more development left from these, to be honest.

    I understand what you're saying about the trichomes and the couchlock, and the growing time, but the buds do look very immature. They are not yet so developed that in a week they will be at the end of the harvest period, if anything in my opinion in a week they might be close to the start of the harvest period. During that time I would expect new clear trichomes to swell, balancing out the ones that will turn cloudy/amber in that time.

    Even though the breeder guide may give a growing time, it can vary and those are for ideal conditions, so with your CFLs and maybe other factors it could be a bit slower
  13. yes i know but northern light is already a sleepy strain so making it even one bit amber would be totally bad atleast for me cuz i dont want that.
  14. Thanks for your input you think its safe to harvest in about 2 weeks?
  15. Probably something like that, I would happily not worry about it for 5 days and then think again if I were going to wait another 5 days based on how they look at that point. I'd hope to see them swell a bit, if they don't and the white pistils just turn orange without any swelling buds and fresh pistils then maybe harvest.
  16. Ye i still have to flush first so i just did that right now and then now i will probably wait like a week or two depending on what you said. Thanks, but its still weird that the trichs are already clody but the plant looks so immature. I also saw this grow report about auto ak from the same seed bank, and it had the same problem that the thrichs where already starting to turn amber but buds where still immature similar to mine only that thrichs where amber. Maybe it somehow could be something to do with the seed bank?
  17. So some of the trichs on your plant are probably at least 6 weeks old, and some of them are only a few days old. There will always be a few pistils and tricks that are a lot older than the majority, and have gone cloudy or amber. They do stand out, so it seems like there are a lot of them, but if you actually counted all the trichs in a square cm, there would be hundreds of clear/cloudy ones for every one that was turning amber. If the buds grow any more, there will be even more fresh clear trichs being formed. And even if half the pistils turn brown, which really stands out, that doesn't represent the state of the trichomes overall.

    It's possible that the growing conditions or the seed have given you a plant now that ought to be practically ready but isn't really there. Maybe not enough light to fill out the buds, nutes more balanced for veg than bloom, lots of possibilities. It might not bud up much more, but it does look like it is still early overall. Your worries about the couchy-effect aren't as big a deal as it may seem, and from my experience buds harvested that look like yours does now, have a "who put speed in my cocaine" kind of high which isn't as fun as it sounds.
  18. I see what you mean but i already flushed it today. Sure that in 2 weeks im supposed to harvest the plant right now. I hope its gonna be decent then. But the rushy high well idk cuz last time i harvested my ak and it was about a week older than this and the high was great for me and it wasnt that rushy exept for the hearth rate at first as it was coming up.

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