Threw up while high (first time)

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    Okay so yesterday I smoked a dub (20$ worth of weed) with a friend. Took like 3 or 2 bong rips, a couple of bowl hits, and then finished off with a blunt. I just remember getting dizzy when playing video games, not wanting to eat, sitting on the toilet for like 15 minutes, and then vomitting really bad. My friend didn't have these effects so I don't think it was the weed. I had just ate also. Could it have been the food? I didn't eat much so my stomach wasn't completely full either. Also the night before I was stupid high. So today I've been so scared to smoke. The smell of weed makes me nauseous. Should I just smoke a fat one and stop being a puss? Or a break is what's best? What do you guys think? (Not my first time smoking. It was my first time ever throwing up.)
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  2. Slow your role, wait awhile. It happens, I'm assuming your young and don't smoke a whole lot. No your not a puss, don't ever think your a puss in life because you want to slow down, that's the type of attitude that's got me in a lot of trouble.
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  3. you might off went too far for your first time. Spread the hits out. For your first time( if first time) seems little to much for me.
  4. Sorry I meant my first time throwing up when consuming lol
  5. Were you coughing alot?
  6. I always cough somewhat, But no I've coughed a lot more before.
  7. My guess would be you just over did it. Or maybe you were sick and the weed got it out of your system. It really could anything from some one day flu like thing to food poisoning.
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  8. Totally possible for you to have thrown up because of the blunt wrap... More nicotine than your body is used to :sick:
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  9. Could easily be the nicotine in the blunt wrap crossed with getting a little too stoned, I have puked before from the nicotine in a blunt which is a reason I stay away from them at this point.
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  10. I can understand that. Blunts just taste nasty to me and I really can't enjoy it. I am from the day of paper, and bowls. So paper it shall be or the beautiful bowl my son forgot when he moved out. LOL
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  11. I'd put money on the blunt wrap... I've heard of many people throwing up and getting dizzy their first time smoking cigs.
  12. I don't want to say it's a hundred percent the nicotine but I get the same effects if I inhale any nicotine/Tobacco.

    Blaze on

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  13. Haha the good ol "green out" days.

    To be honest I really miss getting so stoned that I got sick lol. Now if I don't smoke I get sick. =P
  14. It's almost certainly the nicotine. Classic symptoms of nicotine toxicity. Like others have said, just stay away from delivery systems that might have residual nicotine in them and I would be willing to bet that this will never happen again.
  15. Nailed to be sure.. Any cigarette smoker can tell you.. That first cig or 2 had me puking my guts out.. Why I continued to smoke them for another 40 years shows how fucking addictive Nicotine is .. Just pass on the blunt wraps and you'll be fine..
    Now true green out is a different game.. Usually involving a good eatable it'll last 4 hours or longer and be like getting really drunk with the spins and the world trying to through you off and then the endless puking..
  16. There is something called "greening out", I'm not sure of the science behind it or anything, but essentially if you smoke a lot there is a chance you will "green out" and throw up. Happened to me once when I first started smoking, I got really dizzy and had to sit down, and then 20 minutes later I ate something and threw up.

    You can also throw up just by coughing too much, not very hard for that to happen
  17. Thanks for clearing up what a "dub"

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  18. Keep on tokin no question about it

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  19. Ditch the blunts if you feel like nicotine is having an effect on you. Weed is a natural anti-emetic and should never be the sole cause of puking, it can however enhance other unpleasant factors which may lead to feeling unwell.
  20. you will become one with the weed use a bubbler like these Bubbler and Bubblers

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