three words that are totally unrelated to each other

Discussion in 'General' started by addictedtoweed, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. simple idea
    make a short phrase with 3 words totally unrelated to each other
    i'll start with
    plastered blood magnets
  2. Hmmm,
    Walrus Cheese Lombotomy
  3. Government Freedom Eggs
  4. funny nazi gophers
  5. Paperclip Giraffe Kief
  6. lol these are really funny keep em coming
  7. thong pancakes dolphin
  8. potato monkey wrinkle
  9. dunk potential substrate

  10. Wow, I just read that as plastered bloody midgets, and was thinking "damn, that kid's fucked up..."

    Definitely stoned right now.

    Here's mine, now that I wrote all that:

  11. black fetus fairy
  12. kangaroo pavement utensil
  13. monkey radar cup
  14. xbox gorilla jesus
  15. discombobulated aardvark bong
  16. stupid thread idea.
  17. hey those words are completely related!!!
  18. yes, because this thread doesnt make any sense.
  19. cheese
  20. Oh I get it!


    How about some Positive input eh?

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