Three word story

Discussion in 'General' started by mikimouse, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. Let's make a story using 3 words at a time. Be serious please. Or not.
  2. There was a
  3. NOT THIS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Delete it now
  5. don't get this
  6. Just do it anyway, bit of fun.

    There was a......

    large house in
  7. Grasscity. Where everyone...
  8. clam baked daily.
  9. (can i just bust in again?)

    Jeff took the
  10. who had crabs
  11. and stuck his...
  12. look you can make it as dirty or as clean as you want..

    the next post is the determining fector on what way it will go...personally i think CLEAN is good...even though i started it getting dirty....shit....


  13. bowl behind the....
  14. extremely fire resistant
  15. double pad locked

  16. michael jack jail

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  17. uck-fay uo-yay umb-day itch-bay

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