Three week grow?

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  1. I found some tutorial on, saying that with enough tin foil in an enclosed grow box, you can grow plants in only three weeks. I don't know hardly anything about growing, so I thought I'd ask here to verify whether or not this is true. Here's the tutorial:

    "LET'S start, you will need weed seeds. Plant the seed in a or etc. Also note that you will need to keep box in a very tight place like the back of your your closet will be good. Make sure you put a cup of milk in soil.
    Note: I am hoping you know about males and femals seeds. Well for this project you need the femals seeds or plants.
    OK now the hard part.Got Foil,get a role of it and create a foil box around the plant and have a small fan in the box with a little lamp 75 watt to 120 watt will do.
    NOte:This plant is going to grow at a fast rate and is going to have one LONG ass day. haha
    ALSO keep the light no more than 3 inches for the plant.
    Water/ try to find some sort of spray bottle. spray I mean mist the plants 3 times a day. Also feed a glass of milk 1 week. IF all done well. project will take only 3 weeks to get 3 weeks SMoke that white sexy looking plant....."

    Yeah, it's a shitty tutorial, but apparently if you surround the plant with tin foil, give it a cup of milk a week, and mist it three times a day, you'll be growing in three weeks. Is this true?
  2. yeah, maybe three weeks to grow the actual plant but then 6-10 weeks for flowering. there is no way you can grow bud and have it ready to be harvested in three weeks. that's not even enough time for flowering.
  3. Aluminum foil is terrible for plants. Milk does nothing except provide the plant with trace amounts of calcium, which are obtained through the use of store-bought fertilizers anyway. Misting isn't a very good idea, either, because it creates hot spots on the leaves, which leads to burns. Most importantly, though, not even Lowryder is ready in three weeks. Whoever wrote that is full of shit.

    My conclusion, stick to GC, man. is full of amateurs and assholes alike. Chances are its someone trying to get a laugh when new growers find their plants dying left and right. Lots of more reliable information here.
  4. I agree. GC has done nothing but give me good advice that has made me soooo much better of a grower. stay here and get some help from the great people on this site. I LOVE YOU ALL GC!!!!!

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