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three strains, one wild plant. Mn

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by static shock, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Welcome.

    Let's start the pictures with the wild plant that my friend is letting nature do its thing with. He had two beaners in his dank bag, alonnnnnggg time ago and we just threw it in a little hole in the start of the summer this is what nature has done. I took the picture last night. Unfortunately its immature and needs to bud more. If you know anything about minnesotas weather you will know this plant wont survie past september :(

    Then I have 2.5g of Cotton Candy Kush, or so called. It has a very sweet fragrance that I cannot get enough of. It doesn't have bag appeal but smoking it is a different story! I smoked some with hash and was very impressed.

    Then I have a picture of some 30/60 no name buds from my friend. I tried cropping to show some trichome action. I don't know if it worked.

    Finally 3.5 of some pretty good 30/60's I packed our first bowl with that crown of the second bud. I decided to take a picture of it, backwards much?

    Hope you like it all.

    Get at me.
    (it goes in order of attchment).

    Attached Files:

  2. dam those are some nice buds next time i find i seed im doin the sme thing as u.
  3. thanks man. anyone else? :smoking:
  4. that cotten candy kush looks tasty:smoking:

  5. the cotton candy is an indica smoke forsure! its the opposite of what im used to smoking but im starting to love it. I do enjoy smoking it before I sleep just to relax and reflect. :yay:

    anyone awake?
    talk shit ;-)
  6. the bud looks like wat my cousins first grow is going to look like. the first pic of the plant looks exactly the same as his plant now.

  7. how long has your cousin been growing his plant?
    thats pretty cool. :)
  8. your friend shouldnt have told you about his plant haha, you cant take a picture of a plant at night with flash because it will mess up the day/night cycle. but dank budz

  9. Its not all that important the plant won't have sufficient time to bud more.
    oh well! :)
    how's everyone feeling tonight? I just smoked a few bowls of cotton candy and I feel mellow.
  10. I have that same cotton candy kush. Just sayin :wave:

  11. Do you like it and how much did it cost? :yay:
  12. put it in a pot and bring that shit inside, i would never just let a plant die like that if i can help it.

  13. Theoretically if I were planning on doing that, what kinda lights would I need?
  14. is that thing like just outside your window man? i can see the bed at the bottom.. wish i could do that without someone noticing around here. good luck my friend. CFLs would work, 2700k spectrum i believe. around 100w for a plant. so home depot will hook you up with that..

    or if your serious either hps bulbs or mh. forget which is flowering.. i think mh

  15. Yeah it gave me a really heavy high out of roor but lost that bomb flavor it had after hitting greens. I paid 90 for a quad. :smoke:
  16. that's a good price. I paid $30 for 2.5g.
    Do you live in the midwest?

  17. Its roughly 30 feet from my friends home. the background I believe is just bushes and shit.
    If I were to bring it into my home I would be serious about it.. lol
    that's an idea. a very good idea.
    lets just see what happens, if I decide to bring it inside i'll upload some pictures.
  18. that cotton candy kush looks exactly like my maui wowi

  19. is maui wowi pretty good? i've never had it.
    lets see some pictures. :smoking:

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