Three Six Mafia

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  1. We are high and listenting to The Song Da Summa Remix by Three Six Mafia.
  2. back when they were actually good.
  3. that is my jam but fuck TWO six mafia now
  4. three six sucks. they ruined themselves by being on mtv.
  5. Yeah If you noticed I said Da Summa which was when they were all together. Gangsta Boo, La Chat, Crunchy black, Lord Infamous, Scant Man, When they had UGK and 8-ball MJG Etc those were the better days.
  6. fuck that shit three six is still tight
  7. They need to go back to making music the way they used to. I bump that old Triple 6 shit, but now they sellouts.
  8. some new songs are alrite..
    i dont know the names but the songss on the new cd i like are like;
    i make the trap boom boom
    on the x pills rollin rollin rollin
    weed blow pills

    the others arent that good.. i used to always pump that old 3 6 bout 5 years ago.. stay fly y y y y y y y y y yly ylyl yy y

  9. Thats off the newist Cd. And it got really good reviews. But Those 3 songs are my favorite. Hear Track 4 called Playstation.
  10. i like their old shit...i used to spend all my summers in M-town

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