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Three people held in raids at marijuana dispensaries

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Superjoint, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. August 6, 2008
    SAN DIEGO – Narcotics agents raided four San Diego marijuana dispensaries, made three arrests at the locations and seized about 20 pounds of pot yesterday.Federal authorities said the businesses were not selling the drug within the limits of state Proposition 215, a 1996 initiative legalizing the sale of marijuana by prescription to seriously ill patients.

    Drug Enforcement Administration and county Narcotics Task Force agents served search warrants at Answerdam on Convoy Court, Plan B Coastal Care Group on Adams Avenue, Chronic Care Providers on Daggett Street and Safe California Access on Murphy Canyon Road. Three men, ages 59, 35 and 26, were arrested at three of the businesses on suspicion of marijuana sales and possession for sale, DEA spokeswoman Eileen Zeidler said.

    A home on Marlborough Avenue in City Heights also was searched, and a 30-year-old resident was arrested on suspicion of the same marijuana charges and suspicion of possessing Ecstasy.
    Zeidler said marijuana and pot-laced brownies, ice cream, chocolate and fruit bars were seized at the businesses, along with a loaded handgun and thousands of dollars. She said the investigation took several months, and continues, to trace where the pot came from.
    Meanwhile, the county Board of Supervisors is continuing its court battle against the state's medical marijuana laws.

    The board voted 4-1 yesterday, with Ron Roberts opposing, to ask the state Supreme Court to review its lawsuit challenging the state requirement that counties issue government identification to qualified medical marijuana patients.

    The county contends the requirement conflicts with federal drug statutes that categorize marijuana as a dangerous drug with no medical benefits.
    A Superior Court judge rejected the county's case in 2006, and an appellate court backed that decision Thursday. The state Supreme Court will be asked to review last week's ruling, said Tom Bunton, senior deputy county counsel.
  2. Oh, this is my fave part here:
    Federal authorities said the businesses were not selling the drug within the limits of state Proposition 215

    Since when were the feds concerned with the validity of Prop 215 at all?
    Buncha frikken ass-munches!
    They pulled this same crap in Dr. Fry's case; started going after her for one thing and were thwarted, so they changed their tactics (and this is where the case should've been dropped, but wasn't) and tried to go after her for her garden's plant number. . .the feds said they were adding up her annual grows cumulatively, stating that had she stayed below 20 plants a year,they, the feds wouldn't have been able to impose a minimum 5 yr fed prison sentence.
    Again, since when do the feds consider any amount legal? or acceptable?
    It's such a load of BS!
    The sutures of my skull feel as though they may split!!!!!:mad:
  3. lol ill never stop being amazed at how being are drunk as hell stumblin all over the streets and trippin and doin stupid shit, and people smokin crack and sellin coke all over the place but they RUSH AND RAID legal(and illegal) marijuana dispenseries, what a joke. everywhere is full of hard drugs and theft and shit but they spend so much time on stoned people, some of which need marijuana for an illness/disease.... seen both sides of the law, its a jokes especially if u live in arressted with 31 grams and i didnt go to jail.. hahahahah
  4. amazed at how people are*
  5. it's fucking insane man.. the feds seem to use prop 215 just like they use OUR constitution.. if it benefits them, then they recognize it. The blatent disregard by these people is beyond outrageous

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