Three little girls I hope.

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  1. Cotton Candy day five with there cute little heads popping up.

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    I read if you put ripe apples in the tent the ethylene gas they emit increases M:F ratio from 50:50 to 25M:75F.  There is some giant post from a research report on sexing of MJ that states it.  Somehow it effects estrogen production or something.  It says BC pills help as well ironically.  Totally serious, search the forums for feminizing seeds and you should find it pretty fast.  Good luck btw  :bongin:
  3. Lol^

    those are old myths, never heard the apple one before but the bc always cracks me up XD

    Looks good so far OP :D
  4. We'll it looks like I got the old tabacco mosic virus so now push everyone to be done and get new tent bigger place I'm moving. So loki125 I think that's pretty sure that's what's on the Mazar
  5. Two of the three showed it it these right off so time to start over new place new tent hopefully two or three auto Mazars under the mars 11 700. Can't wait but Loki how do you make hash that auto has the virus I have to get rid off just about everything start over I was planning on the new tent just haven't ordered yet. Than clean slate I'll start six beans and my luck I'll only want 2 maybe 3 but 4 femels sweet because those Mazar are not female. Guarantee. But there free

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