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Three hits is all it takes

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by I Wayne, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. It's when I don't have much weed. The first hit I feel nothing, the second I'm like ok....and the third is the killer. I just ripped the 1 1/2 ft bong, kind of high. :eek: How're you all this fine evening ?
  2. pretty much how it is with me.

    1st hit: I'm more calm, muscles relaxed, but don't feel really high yet.

    2nd hit: now I'm high

    3rd: really high
  3. haha it takes me 3 hits too. first hit nothing, second hit i'm feelin woozy 3rd hit I start piggin out and leaving voicemails at 2 am on people's phones LOL.
  4. the best if takin a month or two off, then taking 4 bong rips. you feel out of this world. not only did your tolerance dissipate, you smoke more then you would with a tolerance. Simply, amazing.
  5. I do depth charges(gravity bongs to the layman). After the first one im high, the second REALLY high.
  6. I smoked a joint of chronic two hours ago....I'm coming down now but man we were high as fuck
  7. 3 blunts and im high tide!
  8. If it takes you 3 L's to get faded you're smokin' some shity trees.
  9. For real. I smoke 1/3 of a blunt and I'm gone.
  10. Word. But that doesn't mean I'm not gonna smoke the whole thing though :smoking:.

  11. or his tolerance is over 9000000000000!!!:D
  12. Just picked up some dro. Smoked two fat blunts now im high tide.
  13. a fat bowl of high mids in the volcano, along with a soon to be .5g vapor-bowl of medichron, smells like coffee/chocolate..
  14. lol when i come off t-breaks il smoke a whole bowl not really feeling high. then il be preoccupid by another task and all of a sudden il realize "BALLS, IM HIGH!"
  15. #15 bakedBEAR, Jan 16, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 16, 2010
    I know exactly waht you mean,
    2 hits, and I'm feeling good again.
    Now lemme finish a few bowls and I'll be GONE.
  16. 1st hit nothing,2nd hit nothing,3rd hit nothing...i stand up and realize im on a huge dirt hill, me and some kids all fall down in front of 30 or so people in a park. true story we were blazed lol gotta love that bubba
  17. For me it's 1 bowl of chron chron and I'm high. 2 bowls and I'm blasted. 3 bowls...anything could happen! :eek:
  18. one vape bowl = one trip to the moon
  19. lately like 4 full snaps out of ice pinch bowl. the bongs like 2 feet almost.

    i have been smoking every day for like 2 years now so it might be that. but some good ass bud, like 2 fat rips and im straight for an hour ish
  20. From my little 10 inch GonG
    1st hit: Slight buzz
    2nd hit: I'm high
    3rd hit: I'm gone!

    Probably mainly due to my tolerance, seeing as I usually smoke about a couple times of month and I has gewd trees.:smoke:

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