Three-Headed Mutant Colas

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    BF511AF6-AD75-46DD-AA16-75AB4FF6CB5E.png Has anyone seen a three-headed cola like the one in the attached photos?
    This is my 1st grow and I accidentally nute-locked my crop in early veg. A few plants died, 4 survived, but this one plant morphed into a mutant & looks as though I topped it at 2 weeks old...but I didn’t. It came back to life with a vengeance and has since grown into a monster with tons of colas...some having 2 or 3 heads. These are not foxtails as they started off flowering this way! I’m not complaining...I think it’s pretty cool how it’s survival mode morphed it in this manner! I included several photos to show it’s progression...

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