Three Dead 2 Injured!

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    My friend was driving the car and he is dead! Another guy and a girl were killed. The two in hospital are fine, one is out and the other is out of surgery! He didnt know that his best friend was just killed until later, i made the decision not to be there when he found out, not sure how he would handle it and i didnt need that to add to me."fourth teen is in critical condition" is not true. Nothing else to say here but slow the fuck down when you are driving! i know damn well i will because of this and i hope it doesnt take a personal experience(like this) to make everyone notice. I did not speed alot in the first place but still, this fucking sucks!!!!:(
    I was the third person to find out about this(as of friends):cry:
    R.I.P Dalton, Britany, Kellen:bongin:
  2. nothing in the world is worse than losing friends/family to the inevitable death. i would rather die than live through the day my close friends die
  3. Wow, sorry bro. All wounds heal with time.
  4. this is my the first friend i have had die to, just fucking sucks!
  5. Ouch, how close were you guys? I lost one of my best friends last year in a car wreck (vehicle flipped, no seat belt...) knew him since we were about 12. And another friend suicided a few months ago. I don't have many friends left. :( I know how it feels man...very cold and raw. A bit unnatural really. Try and stay strong though...and r.i.p...

    Not even another car involved? Thats why you don't unnecessarily speed. Could have been so stupid when the car was empty, not putting his friends lives in danger too.
  6. That sucks dude

  7. sorry to hear that man
  8. dont want 2 go on about it for 2 long but long story short I had a buddy who died the night after he graduated high school..never really smoked 2 much kept good grades just an all around good kid everyone was i know how you feel man..take it easy
  9. I'm so sorry man.... Words can't express my feelings.. I had nearly the same experience ... Except nobody was seriously injured and everyone lived... I thank god every day that nobody was killed.
  10. did this happen in Regina? Last year some shit happened where a guy was dead after grad. Fucking around on a tractor at a golf course, drunk, and was impaled. R.I.P
  11. Hmm. Been a member for over a year, and the victims were 16/17. Fishy.
  12. can't have younger friends?
  13. :rolleyes:
  14. whatever dude...
  15. his friends just died and your only concerned with whether hes underage or not? poor show man.

    sorry to hear about your friends man, just something everyone has to go through, never easy.
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    uh yeah...thats kind of fucked up right there ^:confused:

    I'm sorry for your loss man, I dont know what else to say, terrible thing to have happened.

    slow down people.
  17. Well yeah. I thought I made that quite obvious, did I not?
  18. the guys just lost a close friend, but hold on a fucking minute, HE MIGHT BE UNDER 18! cant be having that.

    as I said, poor show.
  19. sorry to hear that man, next bowl is for them..
  20. Sorry to hear about your friends, I was in an accident in April..luckily me and my boy made it, LUCKILY. He drove me into a phone poll.

    SMoke a blunt at their graves, and keep your head UP

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