Threads about politics... trivial effort?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ElendGold, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Am I the only one who feels like any thread about politics, is trivial.

    I sometimes get the envy of making such threads, concerning many subjects, but isn't it kind of useless to do it?

    Most of the subjects are too complicated and need an in-depths argumentation before you can really sort out the truth.

    Let's not forget the incredible amount of ignorance, how can you even start arguing with someone who doesn't even understand that basis of politics, sociology, history, psychology, and all the ramifications that any of those sciences might have.

    Personally, anything that reassembles an argumentation on the net usually ends up in arrogance, or simply with those holding the knowledge, leaving the thread from exasperation.

    Am I alone thinking this?


  2. Not really...

    But I enjoy the seemingly endless debate of politics in hope of eventually bringing more people over from the dark side. I'm pretty sure I've convinced at least a couple people to change their perspectives on this forum, and they'll no doubt influence other people in their lives. I get a kick out of that. :)

    What sucks about the arrogant/ignorant assholes is they rarely ever stick around to admit they are wrong.
  3. Don't you feel like you are convincing them with vulgarized, nearly bastardized arguments?

    I understand what you mean, but to what extend can we really convince someone over the internet?

  4. yea i think the threads are pointless.

    but fun sometimes

  5. you're not alone, but honestly, anyone who comes here with an opinion and thinks they're going to reform the minds of everyone who reads said opinion is just fooling themselves.

    as a marijuana internet forum, the first thing I keep in mind is that no post really matters.

    well except for maybe the one about the free taco from taco bell...
  6. I like the debate. Politics is an interest of mine and you might even learn something new along the way.

  7. A small extent, I suppose. I mean, aren't the majority of people doomed to a life of stupidity anyways?

    Maybe I'm naive to think that because I have been influenced by people on here that I can influence others.

    I've been on a couple forums in my day, and this one easily has the most diverse and intelligent base of users.
  8. The problem is, with learning something "new" is that most of it comes from already biased sources.

    And that's when there's any source.

  9. Thats pretty much what turned me off of the S&P forum.
  10. Am I the only one who feels that politics in general is pretty trivial?
  11. ok...well you can have that pessimism if you want to but whatever it's your opinion.

    Politics effect everyone's future whether they want to ignore it or not and while we know we can't really change anything it's still a good thing to know whats going on in your government.

    Yes, yes I know, we never really know whats going in our government blah blah blah. None of us really know for sure but I like to be realistic about things.
  12. Making a thread about politics is, in fact, politicking.

    Just some insight into the nature of the game that we all play with eachother.:bongin:
  13. Politics effects everyone's future but that doesn't mean it isn't bull shit. This government will fall along with every other government that has, will, and is existing. So maybe we should stop obsessing about this government and start working on the next... after all we are just prolonging the inevitable.

  14. Well I don't see anyone obsessing about our government, just having discussions about them. The best thing we can do is educate ourselves and learn from our mistakes. No?
  15. no -- i rather do enjoy reading through all the threads that relate to political debates. you can always throw in your two cents about the situation and also gain some knowledgeable insight at the same time. i know my statements aren't always going to be right but reading through the debates really open my eyes on some of the other issues that i might have missed.

    as long as there are two sides who are able to contribute in an understanding manner, then i think it's fine.

    also -- there is a difference between an argument and a debate. just depends how open minded the people behind the usernames are.
  16. First thing my old history professor taught me was that we don't learn from mistakes. Coincidentally I think that is all I learned in his class.
  17. I do however like reading and posting political message boards because you can poke holes in every side of everyones argument... then they start cussing at you which is funny and entertaining. If anything politics shows us how dumb we can be (me included).
  18. History is not there to learn from our mistakes. It's a common misinterpretation.

    I'm glad to see people feeling different about the subject!

  19. well I wasn't saying there aren't intelligent people, or people from many different backgrounds that come here. being an internet forum in and of itself is going to provide that most of the time.

    what I was saying is that posts on the forum don't make a difference really. does it matter to you if some 15 year old in iowa got an 1/8th of flying red dragon? I wouldn't think so.

    its all just entertainment.
  20. I agree with a lot of points in your original post, but I don't believe that making political threads in general is an exercise in futility. Not to say there aren't useless political threads of course, the ones beginning in "FUCK" or ends with "SUCKS" are my favorite. However if the OP is able to deliver his/her point of view in an intelligent and in a non-offensive way(such as this thread), there is usually a good chance at some discourse from the more educated members in my opinion.

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