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  1. Don't you guys love it?

  2. yes, it's legendary.
  3. Very pretty colors but I'm missing your point.
  4. here i found one for you

  5. No point here...this isn't a thread about needles! It's a thread about thread.
  6. i like it when they make clothes out of it.
  7. A thread about thread. I gotcha! :smoke:
  8. I give this thread 4 stars out of five
  9. which one :confused::confused:
  10. I know a little bugger who hangs from a thread.

  11. this threads getting tangled up
  12. Thread, it holds all our clothes together.
  13. I like green threads

  14. Yeah...those guys spin their own thread! And they make awesome webs out of it this! :eek:


    (That's a spider who spun a web right outside my back door....)

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