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  1. This is a thread for me, and anyone else, to express any sort of writings that I/we may do that may be worth sharing. Hopefully we can have some good conversations and wisdom posted :D

    Everything is energy! Everything is just vibrating at different speeds. Slower vibrations tend towards extremes. As vibrations quicken, it begins to grow a center in between the extremes. The extremes of the vibrations are more attracted to the center the faster they are vibrating.

    This is something I just wrote. I wrote a bunch last night, too, but I thought I'd share this for now.
  2. Most religious paths, even paths of meditation, are merely efforts in repression. You try to suppress part of who you are, in order to live up to some ideal. When this happens, you can never truly be at ease, without an inner insanity. You must be perfectly free to express yourself in any way. Repression is the antithesis of progression. When you feel satisfied, and satisfaction is a bi-product of the allowance of unfiltered expression and experience, you can go deeper within yourself, and begin to develop a more cosmic consciousness.
  3. I love this guy....The wisdom guru :D
  4. If Newton was right when he stated that an object in motion will stay in motion until acted on by an outside force, then the key to understanding life is to know as much as you can about "the outside force" before it acts upon you in a similar manner. The outside force is the Alpha and the Omega.
  5. Is this "outside force" your referring to God? Alpha and Omega in terms of life and death?, Beginning to the end? Im confused :confused:

    Since life itself is not motion then i dont think any of Newtons laws apply here.. Thats just my train of thought here :rolleyes:
  6. Who is it that is aware of your thinking?
  7. As breathing slows conciousness expands.
  8. Couple little things I wrote today..

    They who were thought to be high will be made low. They who were thought to be low will be made high. The world hangs upside down. Who are they now? Has my self image not been made in relation to them? Then who am I?
    Growing up in a world of certainty
    I am reborn
    A child in a world of confusion
    Their knowing is an illusion
  9. I was just wondering if anybody has read the I-Ching? It seems to relate to this idea of change.

    This makes sense
    but my question is: What if a part of your self-expression would be evil. And by evil I mean it harms others, for no reason other than it is who you are.

  10. Well, there's two aspects to how I would respond to that. One is a bit more theoretical, and the other is quite pragmatic. The more theoretical aspect is that I would argue that our true nature is primarily love-oriented and encourages communion and unity with others, and that true nature can only be reached through acceptance. The more pragmatic aspect is that "evil" actions stem from emotions like anger, and these emotions are strengthened through repression. It's sort of like nipping it in the bud. You have to openly confront everything within yourself, even things you don't like. If you don't it's just gonna keep building up, and it's gonna affect you every moment because it remains within you, and then eventually it is gonna cause you to blow up in a way more dramatic fashion than you otherwise would have if you would have allowed yourself to confront it earlier.
  11. i had read some of your other posts and they would often say things like this. and since i have always had a vicious streak, which I have always distrusted and had to control, they didnt make sense to me.

    but now i think i understand.
    thanks for the advice
  12. All thoughts extend from duality of stimuli and consciousness
  13. Another thing to understand. Anger is not synonymous with harming another. Anger is an emotion within yourself. It is not bad, it just is. It can turn bad if you shove it into your subconscious and let it rise up in times when you are out of control. Then you'll do these bad/evil actions without thinking at all, because your anger will be consuming you and you will have no awareness. Better to confront it while you are aware. Watch yourself being angry. Let it out, without harming anyone else. Feel as angry as you want. You can think of the reasons why you are angry, or the people you are angry at. As you let your anger out, without harming others, you will find that over time it mostly dissipates.

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