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    I made a thread a few days ago I think regarding tolerance in Pandoras Box (because the issue surrounding the topic is IMO controversial), and it stated that I had to wait for mod approval for it to be posted. As of now the thread has still has not been posted. If it was actually declined, I would appreciate it if you would at least message me your reasons.

    eta: I looked at the guidlines thread here and the only "definitely unacceptable" subject listed that potentially parallels mine is this:

    *threads/posts that request/offer information on how to a potentiate a drug

  2. (just guessing)

    1. All the moderators were busy deleting posts about foxes

    2. Its a very small box


  3. If you look at your own list of threads, you'll see that it was deleted.

    If you read the thread you referred to again, you'll see this:

    In addition to the rules, if you are posting about a drug (excluding marijuana), you have to follow the guidelines posted here and also post in an existing thread

    Very few, if any, new threads regarding the use of other drugs are being approved in Pandora's Box. That doesn't mean that they are welcome in any other forum though. It means that you can discuss other drugs in existing threads in Pandora's Box. If you don't find that acceptable, there are other sites for you to visit to discuss other drugs.

    Due to members continuing to post against the guidelines in existing threads, the Moderating team and I are in the decision-making process of whether or not we can continue to allow the discussion of other drugs here at Grasscity. If we do, it will be limited to psychedelics. Pharmaceuticals, heroine and drugs of that nature will no longer have a place here.

    I've been rather clear about this in many, many threads.
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