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  1. Hello  :wave:
    I've started a Grow Journal in the Indoor grow section but its no longer showing in 'My Content' or in the sub-forum.
    Could someone please help me and let me know if its been deleted or moved?
    Am I doing something wrong?

  2. The only one I can see that would seem to apply is the one listed in your sig...
    Since you started that one, I'm only seeing threads you started asking questions, not really chronicling grows....:confused_2:
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    I'll be honest this is a 2 part inconsistency ATM
    My best guess from what's going on in my account is that threads started and or you first posted in after mid September?? are updated in the 'My Content I follow' tab only, which is where you will find your journal, not in the "My Content' tab that I and sure a few others had become familiar with using.  I typed ??? after September because that's how mine are separated, but your thread is a bit older?   IDK if anyone else mentioned this already, but that's what I've noticed.  It's just strangely inconsistent where the subscriptions go lately.  
    The bad news is the My Content I Follow list is only 1 page, so after a month, it's off your list forever.
    I've noticed that after the @ notifications stopped working the quote notifications stopped too, and this became noticeable all in the same time period.  But since this thread won't show up in your content, and you won't get a quote notification...You'll never read this thread again.  LOL.
  4. Hahahaha, loved the ending of your post.
    But I get what you mean and there's a sigh of relief it's not just me.
    Oh well, it's just a shame because its hard for me to keep an eye on every topic I post in so the "My Content" option is great. But as its not updating its gonna be that little bit harder to keep up with every thread I've posted in!
    Check the My Content I Follow tab to the right of the My Content tab, the rest of your threads should show there.
  6. Thanks - but is that for threads I subscribe to only?
    Also for threads you reply to by posting in them.  I never subscribed to this thread, but it shows up in the MCIF.  It wasn't always this way, changed about a month ago.  
  8. That's weird. Only threads showing are those which I've subscribed to.
    This is FUBAR bro, lol
  9. LOL Vegi, where in the fuck is your journal?

    Im so is this shit?
  10. Is this issue fixed?
    We had some problems with the content search that have recently been resolved...hopefully that also resolved your issue...
    It is for me.  Thanks man, the search being up again is a big help.
  12. Yeah dude, all sorted. Started working the other day

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