1. im new to this hole forum things never used any forum before and im wondering why when i post a thread do i only get one real quick response n i never get another one
  2. http://forum.grasscity.com/apprentice-tokers/975883-iso-hash-oil.html

    Those two threads were in the wrong forum (should be in harvesting and processing) so getting intelligent answers on the subject are reduced and if you researched the subject in the correct forum you would find your answers. ;)

    Your thread you made yesterday in indoor growing is a question about brands that could be answered with some basic research (or a trip to the stores in question), so maybe folks don't want to take the time to spoon feed you?
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    hey way to be dick there man since ur so familiar with my threads then u shouldve read the part that say im completely new to forums not just grasscitys so i dont really no how to use them soooooo with that bein said why dont u go fuck urself

    Name-Calling/Disrespect is not allowed here. - KSR
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    Well, you may be new to the forum, but from the looks of things you won't be here very long...disrespecting a respected old school member is not a good way to start your tenure at GC...

    Did that not answer your question on why you were getting few responses to your threads?

    And was that not another reasonable answer to your initial question?

    People on here are extremely helpful, but you have to also realize that after seeing the same questions asked every day for years, people are reluctant to keep typing the same answers again and again, instead encouraging the user to use the search function...I'm sure, with you being a new member and all, if you had chosen to ask how to do so, someone would have happily helped you with it...
  5. Sorry you feel that way, wasn't meaning to be dickish at all, just giving my opinion on why you weren't getting a lot of responses to your threads. ;)

    Might want to familiarize yourself with the rules you agreed to when you joined as well, to help your online experience:

  6. Did hell freeze over?

    Cause that's what it would take to get me to believe FWs a Dick.

    @ OP, FW was really just trying to help. Thick skin is a good armor to have online.
  7. one reason might be that all of your posts are difficult to read? no one likes to read one long run-on sentence/paragraph that has no punctuations or any attempt at decent grammar.

    then again if you're responding to legit help like this then why would anyone want to help you?

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