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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by P1nhead, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. I've always wondered that if someone truly believed in something, who's to say they are wrong. There is no way of knowing what the world looks like in every person's eyes, so is there any limit to what is really possible. Just think, if someone in their mind truly believes that they can do something which you perceive is impossible, how will you ever know if something like flying really impossible. So how can you really tell if a person is crazy, insane, or mentally handicapped. Maybe they are just seeing the world differently than we are. What if ignorance really is bliss? Maybe our minds have some kind of latch to reality and if we can break it there would be no limit to strength or possiblities.

    If this thread makes no sense, understand it is because I'm completely baked and felt like writing down something that popped into my head that sounds interesting.:smoking:
    Thoughts.....comments.....I hope
  2. I'm remended of an old joke about 3 men who die, and go to the gates of hell, where Satan greets them, and makes them an offer.

    "If you can challenge me to do something, and I cannot do it, I will let you out of hell, and send you straight to heaven!"

    So, the first guy thinks for a minute and says, " I bet that you can't put the Himalayan mountains into the Marianas Trench!"

    Satan laughs that evil little laugh of his, and grabs the tectonic plates and pulls them apart, which causes the Himalayas in fact to crumble right into the Sea, where Satan merely has a few minions sweep the crumbs into the Trench.

    "Welcome to Hell, idiot!", said Satan. " Next!"

    The second fellow approaches a little more cautiously, and decides to go a little bigger on his challenge.

    " I bet that you can't give humanity a world without war, not even for one year!", he said," if you can create peace on earth, then do it!"

    "Piece of cake", said Satan, and he waved his wings and snapped his fingers, and all the people of earth spoke and understood the same language, and all differences in skintone and colorations were smoothed into one uniquely attractive blend.

    The people all started huge parties. Everyone was happy, and wars all stopped immediately, Earth's militaries were disbanded, and for a year, no one had anything but good sex, good food, clean water, and decent shelter. Hostilities as they had been known vanished!

    On the last day of the agreement, Satan brought the man to his feet again, and said " Welcome to Hell, you should have made it permanent! I am!"

    And with that, people began to see race again, and languages were scrambled to the point, that even those who spoke the same tongue, could no longer understand each other. The wars began anew, with some of the most heinous acts ever commited.

    "See my mighty powers!, said Satan, " One more of you will challenge me, come forth and appeal to Satan's might!"

    The last fellow, a Canadian, I think, stepped up and said, " Satan, you are so powerful, I have always wanted one thing before I die, and if I can have it, then I will gladly dwell in hell forever."

    " Go ahead, little man, try and challenge Satan", he said.

    So, stepping up to the fire and brimstone pit, where the temperatures are hotter than the sun, the man ripped out one final giant-ass fart, directly into the burning gas, and turned demurely to Satan and asked, "Can you find my fart and paint it purple?"

    He's bonging out with St. Peter, as we speak.
  3. haha i liked that story.

    i have a friend who talks about this sort of thing every so often. like if you raised a child to believe that on a certain day in the future he would be able to fly, on that day he might just fly away lol.

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