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  1. What's Up Guys! This is my first grow and it's just about two months now. I'm unsure of what strain it is, but I was told it's White Widow or some strain named Ronicus.
    I've also got a question, I seen that it's started to preflower and I've been using Fox Farm Grow Big, so should i continue using that in addition with Tiger Bloom or should i just stop using Grow Big?
    Thanks in advance.
    Toke sum up for me while i'm on Hiatus.:smoking:

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  2. Here's the LST, and some pictures of it Topped. The top i cut off i've tried to clone but it hasn't grown at all since (1-2 weeks). Is this because it's just focused on growing it's roots now?

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  3. These are the most recent photos taken today.

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  4. that clone will be a little bud unless u re-vegg with artificial light
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    Yeah thanks man. That picture was just the day I cut it. Since then it's been at my house under a couple cfls and out in the sun. I just took it out of the tiny cup today. Some roots were hitting the bottom and now I've got it in the same type of green pot the mothers in so I hope everything will be fine with it.
  6. aww I miss seein plants already... I got another 5 months before im planting again
  7. Hahah aw I feel for you man. In the meantime though keep a watch on my grows. I hope to be expanding with more knowledge and keepin the grows comin all year. Tossed another seed in a cup a few days ago. I'll be vegging it for a month or so under cfls and sunshine then putting em outside for the rest of the grow.
  8. Alright here's another update. The weather hasn't been so great where my mother plant is at and she hasn't been getting too much light.
    My clone on the other hand is doing great and I just transplanted it to a bigger pot yesterday.

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  9. some shots of the clone.

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  10. Hey GC, I need some help. I'm going on a trip for four days starting tomorrow and I just found out so no time to set up anything. Outside My clone gets around 9-10 hours of sunlight and I think I've got an aqua globe around here somewhere. Is this good enough for my clone? Thanks to anyone who can give any info.
  11. It really depends on what your temperatures are like

    I never used any of the globes so i cant tell ya how they work

    Four days is enough time for plenty of bad things to happen to your girls but if ya gota leave just give em a good watering before ya leave if no rain is coming and keep your fingers crossed
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    Thanks for the advice alpha. I just got some bad news today though. My stepdad found the clone.. I had them hid behind our banana trees and of course with my terrible luck he had to check on them because the roots were destroying our wall. I heard my moms gonna toss it when I get back home hopefully I'm not too deep in shit. Ahh fuck it imma burn two blunts tomorrow

    But the mother is in a really good spot and she's been getting her fair share of rain I haven't had to manually water her for a week or so. I really hope she's fine.
  13. Sorry I haven't updated the thread in a while but some one chopped my plant and just left me the stalk. I guess I'll be back during a longer season.
  14. man that sucks :mad:

    good luck next season

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