Thousands of guns U.S. sent to Aghanistan are missing *CNN Article*

Discussion in 'General' started by uRbAnDieSeL*ATL, Feb 13, 2009.


    seems like our world is gettin worse by the day, even though we already know it is. over 87,000 military weapons vanish and are now in the hands of who-knows.

    fucked up place we live in.
  2. whoops!
    seems like we have misplaces a large shipment of firearms
    silly us!
  3. Ever seen lord of war ?, Watch it.
  4. I almost -repped you because this article pissed me off so much, then I came to the realization that our governments to blame, not you! haha, wait, arent they always to blame. I bet they sold them to the Al Quida....
  5. I was just postin it :p

    Wouldn't doubt it if some mother fuckers in the Middle East have em..
  6. That's why I'm glad my country is stepping out of that clusterfuck soon.

    Even pretty boy Obama can't convince parliament.
  7. Alot of those guns are stolen by Us army soldiers.
    They scratch off the PIN on the gun and sell it to people in the US. (Throw away guns)
  8. Illegal mil-spec rifles in the hands of domestic groups is pretty much just as bad.

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