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    Thoughts ?? First indoor grow , trying new techniques . Topped 8 days ago , about 45 days from seed . Just seems to be growing a little slower then normal

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  2. If it's from seed and you haven't gotten the genetics acclimated to what stress techniques you're using then yes it's going to stunt a little bit. Although it looks like a nice clean indoor cannabis garden. If you are using fluorescents you could move your light down and that would speed you up a lil bit. Good luck. Looks good.

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    I agree with this guy I'm using 150w of fluorescent's 4200k bulbs and they are only like 6 inches from the top of my plant, I also have another 150w of cfls going around the outside of the plant and 1 12w led grow bulb directly over top of it but that's about a foot and a half away
    [​IMG] sprouted from the dirt 26 days ago

    First grow ever!
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    That one was a 32w led 150 equivalent , but was doing good , now it's Under a 300w led and is doing even better

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