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    Recently I have been thinking whats the point of life, it all leads to death with a path of struggling, sadness, happiness, and whatever else is in store for life. Sure life is great and I enjoy most aspects of life, but recently ive been stuck in this thought cycle thinking about my past and almost how worthless my life has been in a social sense. Never really having too many friends, never had a girlfriend or close relationship with a woman, I feel like everything just comes natural to everyone else, and if i actually try to put my self out there it always ends awkwardly even through work and effort that im trying to put into each of the social situations. Its crazy for me to even think im thinking like this, but life inevitably ends with death, and recently ive been thinking why even bother trying to build myself up when i constantly run into failing and deep down being unhappy with my course of life. Like why even bother If i was dead tomorrow, would it honestly even matter? I would'nt be sad or feel anything, everything would just be over. I dont think I could ever even consider or go through with inflicting myself in that way, but how ive been thinking recently has been scarring me and sounding more and more promising.
  2. Man, life's fucking precious. And it definitely isn't all about or even close to all about gettin pussy. You think it is, because that's what media and everyone around you says is the most important. Read some fuckin' books, get educated. Put yourself on a higher level of thinking. Read the romantics, realize life is not some fist pumping orgy. Realize that every morning you wake up, there's an infinite amount of possibility for that day. Every day. Realize that you will meet someone someday that makes your entire life worth living. That person could be a significant other, that person could be you meeting yourself.

    Trust me man, life's fuckin' groovy after you realize what it is. Go take a camera and walk around in nature. Go live, stop worrying.
  3. I feel the same way man. When I remember my past I see my constant failures, embarrassments, and remember how pathetic I've always been in social situations. Never have I had a relationship with a women, even just friendship, and how alone I've always been. I know getting with girls isn't even that important but I'm at an age where mother nature disagrees and is riding my ass to get with one so the torment just multiplies. I've always wondered why people have it so easy and why those of us who struggle always end up in the same spot. Maybe it was just meant to be? Hope not, life better turn for the better or I'll end up going insane; this solitary lifestyle isn't working for me.

  4. Dam I feel that 100% also, I wish it was just easier for me to be outgoing in social situations and be able to carry on a conversation with friends and girls without feeling awkward. I feel like im starting to come around, working out, starting to care more about my appearance, to build up my self confidence and just be me and not give a fuck about my past and move on.
  5. I struggled with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts for almost a decade. If I can tell you one thing it would be, "If you're going through hell, keep going." My cousin hung herself when I was in eighth grade. Sitting at her wake, staring at her lifeless body, I made a commitment to myself to never put my friends and family through what I was going through then.

    Seriously no matter how bad you think your life is, I guarantee you there are people that love you and want you to be happy. Suicide, doesn't end pain, it just transfers it to your loved ones.

    Just try and be happy yourself and the relationships will fall into place. If you're shy, try and get a job in customer service. The forced social interaction will be good for you.

  6. That would probably be the main reason I would never even think about actually acting on my thoughts, and these thoughts I am having are abnormal for me, I have never really felt this way before and sure it will change. Im pretty I can change, but its going to take some time and effort. Currently im working on building my confidence up through appearance(working out etc), getting some advice from family and few friends about women. The main thing I have to do concerning that is just go out there and expect to be rejected, and not give a fuck when it happens. If I was to approach 20 women chances are at least 1 or a few of them may be interested but if i sit idlely by nothing will happen.
    As you said im a somewhat shy guy and need to get some experience socializing and having conversations. Once i get to know someone I tend to be more social but im positive there is room for improvement even in this.
  7. Just remember, living for other people may get you through some hard times, but what will really bring you back to happiness is when you realize you have to start living for yourself.
  8. You create your own reason for living.
  9. When you project your negative thoughts upon the world, all you're going to receive are those same negative feeling back to you. Notice how when your day starts off bad, you start to focus on all the bad things that happen after it. You become so focused on all the negativity that it consumes your life.
    If you start to think of the positive things in your life, you project those positive feelings and they come back to you, making you feel better.

    You say you dont have friends, a girlfriend, etc. That's because only you can get those things for yourself. Don't expect these good things to come to you if you're constantly putting yourself down. Others can sense your negativity and so can you.

    Instead of focusing on the negatives, focus on the positive things in your life. When you wake up in the morning, be thankful that you have another day to live. As you brush your teeth and get ready for the day, make a list in your head of what you have that makes you happy (better yet, write them down). Get those negative thoughts out of your head and focus on the positive.

    Nothing in your life is going to change unless you make a conscious decision to change, both physical and emotionally.

    And dude, life does matter. Death is a part of life but you shouldn't just stop living life because you know you're going to die. That's not the point of life.

    It's the journey, not the destination that matters.
  10. think of the people who love you, youre family, and how sad they would be to loose you, my brother killed himself, he felt exactly how you feel, he wrote it all down in a diary that he left on his bed for us to find, reading youre post is like reading his diary again.
    he thought he didnt matter to any one but we loved him more than anything in, the world, if he had of spoke to us we could have told him that and maybe he'd still be here today, no matter what you think youre family love you, talk to them, tell them how you feel, you will feel better when you know you are loved, dont make the same mistake my brother did, all it did was cause heatbreak for us the people who loved him the most, that was 4 years ago and were still heartbroken, it doesent go away, we miss him every single day, dont inflict that on youre family, please.

  11. Most of the time im fine and even happy living my life just occasionally I feel like how i explained and i realize its probably even stupid of me to bring up these negative feelings and belittle myself about the past. For the reasons you said alone I would not even think about putting my family through that, just have had a rough summer the majority of it alone except for family and a few friends. I'm looking forward to going back to college, meeting some new people and trying to approach life in a new way. How old was your brother if you don't mind me asking?
  12. he was 20. its good that you have something to look forward to, keep focusing on that, and do plenty of things that you enjoy so your not sitting around just thinking and thinking, keep yourself occupied :eek:
  13. Ok well im sorry for your loss im sure he loved you and your family and didn't see the impact and sadness it would create. Only 2 weeks till i go back so Ill keep busy smoking, working out, and doing other shit. :smoke:

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