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Thoughts & Stash w/ TokeTool & Odd420.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NachoBombs, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. #1 NachoBombs, Apr 23, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 23, 2010
    I'll post my picture's first then leak my thought's after (5MegaPixel camera, not the best.)

    I took this on Tuesday, when I was tokin and jamming it out on Rock Band 2. As you can see the song was on the drums and playing Psycho Killer. And yes, we all know Psycho Killer on the drums is not hard, lol. Hope you figure out what's so odd.


    Here's my stash & TTool, yes they're not that great. Also I'm in the bathroom toking, don't laugh.

    My shake? Perhaps?


    Lil'McBigManNugget taking a resin dump on my bowl. You can see my cheap defused home made bubbler in the back.


    Rest of nugg's together.



    My thought or what ever you refer this as.

    Well since I'm getting 100$ from a bet I won from the pop's, I had decided to buy a bong but! I came to a 'sit on the log & think for hours' situation. I don't have as much money for a interchangeable joint/bowl bong with ice pinchers (Want one bad). Also as you can see I'm running low on herb. Since I did not have money on 420 or before, I wanted to buy some dank. And I'm in deep need of a new grinder (25$), mine sucks, and I don't find finger breaking the buds up efficient if that makes any total sense.

    So here's my options:
    1.) Buy a bong that would add up to 40-70$ total for a okay bong, but a small amount of dank and mids.

    2.) Buy a 18.8>18.8 joint diffused adapter down-stem for 12$-20$ + 5$-15$ 18.8 Bowl (Home made bongs, then buy a RooR in 4 months)+ Joints + Good amount of dank.

    3.) Just buy the largest quantity of dank I could afford, forget the tools.

    What advice could I get? I don't like smart asses so don't flood the thread with rude comments, please. I just want the best way to have relaxation.
    Also I'm kinda high, this might not make sense to you.

    , Thanks for lookin.
  2. i say you save it for that bong you really wanted, but i know if i was going to save it id end up using it to buy some bud:rolleyes:
  3. Buy a vaporizer!
  4. Nah, don't want a vape right now.
  5. when someone says vape, don't automatically think volcano, there are portable vapes that cost between 50 and 100 dollars, i have the vapor genie vaporizer which ran me about 50 bucks, now I'm thinking about selling my bowl and bong
  6. Yes, I've seen many.
  7. lotsa seeds :eek:
  8. Yep. Glad to have them.
  9. A bong is nice, but at least one good glass piece is essential!

    Get some weed first to at least smoke OR don't buy more weed but save up cash for new glass instead
  10. Someone should mail me a seed or two :p
    then I can grow cannabis from all over the world...

  11. Just gnab some from your next pick up :p!
  12. Hope I can grow a plant. I think I have 30+ seeds saved up.
  13. I usually only buy mids and get barely any, but I have a friend that saves them for me.

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