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Thoughts racing?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LivinFly, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Whenever I smoke my thoughts race. I've been smoking for 6 years and I've never stopped because I love the feeling of the high. It's really annoying, It blows my high and stops me from focusing on things around me because I'm lost in my thoughts. It has helped me notice a lot of shit and open my mind even more. I don't mind that. Im usually thinking when I'm not high anyway. But I'd rather chill and enjoy the feeling.
  2. I know exactly what you mean. When I first started smoking, I was so chill and relaxed it was just awesome. But now days when I get high I'll start thinking of the craziest shit and get lost in my thoughts for hours. It's a weird trade-off, cuz you can think of some pretty awesome shit doin that, but I know how you feel about wanting to just enjoy the high for awhile...
    Do you smoke alone or with friends? I usually smoke alone and I noticed that tends to ramp up the thinking big time.
  3. i get it aswell mainly when im alone, usually cuz i smoke a lot more when im by myself. Although ive got a friend who talks the most randomest shit ever sober and when hes high it just gets that much weirder. Hes so funny to listen to
  4. I'm the same. But it doesn't matter if I'm alone or not. I'll be with my friends and zone out just think of anything and everything. It sucks when I start to think about problems in life or loved ones who past. It really kills my high for a while but I've trained myself to start to control what I think about. I think a lot when I'm sober to. As long as I'm talking or active I'm fine. It's just when I sit down and relax I think. Like if I smoke at a bond fire I'll sit there and stare at the fire and zone out until one of my friends snaps me out of it. It's like I can't even see what's going on around me. I just see my thoughts. Kinda trippy.
  5. honestly i have a notebook that i write all my high thoughts in hell one time me and my bro got high and we started drawing those sharks from that shiow with the shaarks who rode motorcycles. its fun to enjoy my thoughts because when im high i dont care about the rest of the world i want to be lost within myself
  6. Yeah you definitely gotta record your thoughts somehow, I've gone dozens of notebook pages and documents on my computer under a "thoughts" folder that I use to keep track of because you can think of some good stuff when you're high.
    Also yesterday I smoked with my twin brother for the first time in awhile, and it was the greatest experience of my life. The high and the thoughts are so intensified when you have someone to bounce ideas off of and shit. But you gotta find the right person 'cuz not everyone likes to sit around and think about shit when they get high.
  7. I would write that shit down but the thoughts go from one subject to the as hell. Lol
  8. I thought i was the only one. At first i could just enjoy the feeling weed gave me, now most of the time my thoughts just race like crazy. When im high i'll think of the craziest shit and i always tell myself to remember it when im sober but i never do, most of the time its some theory about society or me solving so much stuff in my head about my life. If i catch myself starting to drift away in my thoughts i just remind myself to snap out of it and focus on the moment, but sometimes its just too hard and i end up back in my thoughts
  9. Same shit here ur not alone ^
    a great mind can blow your high...
  10. Yeah, that's definitely the truth. I've had those days where you feel like you found out the meaning of life but then forget it 5 seconds later. Once you get into the habit of recording everything somehow then you get used to always doin it and you don't lose as much of your thoughts. In my case I feel it enhances my high instead of killin it as long as I can get it recorded somehow. Makes me feel productive n' smart n' shit haha
  11. Maybe you should change up your environment?
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    My mind pretty much won't shut the fuck up when I'm high a lot of time. Basically your mind somehow makes a connection between two seemingly unrelated things.

  13. I know this is off topic so just ignore it, but I don't know where else to say this:
    Revenent, as a guy who went through Catholic school like 8 years or so, You're signature is absolutely fucking mind blowing. I only wish I were high as shit when I first read it. Thank you for the experience, and for teaching me to never browse the site sober ever again...
  14. I write my thoughts down in a journal...It is one really, really fucked up journal.:cool:
  15. Smoking will allow you to come up with some genius thoughts, the trick is, that genius thought is clouded in shitloads of stupid ones :D

  16. used to be very chill, and since then, I usually think a lot more. For me, I don't usually smoke with a bigger group now, so that could be part of it...dunno.

    Yeah, I've recorded a lot of my thoughts...some on paper, some by typing, some using my voice recorder or phone. But regardless of how it's done, I can't seem to keep up with my thoughts as well as when I'm just thinking.

    Ahh, productivity ;)
  17. Similar to Oscar over there, I have a notepad with shit I draw ONLY if i've had 3 bowls or more within a 15 minute period. No explanation needed.
  18. Aint that the truth, it sucks havin to interrupt your thought process to write it down, but it's either that or forget it in 10 seconds. Or at least in my case that's how it is. That's why i wanna start using my camera to take a video of me talking my thoughts out loud, cuz I feel like saying them out loud would be less disruptive then writing or typing it. Trouble is, I would hate to re watch that video of me bein high later when I was sober.

    And that's exactly why I'd hate watchin it haha
  19. #19 Walter White, Dec 11, 2011
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    Wow, its great to know that others do this besides me. When I first started smoking, I didn't have this problem. I stayed in the present moment and enjoyed every aspect of my high.

    Now I always completely zone out and get lost in my thoughts. It sucks so bad because I really have no awareness of the present moment or my physical surroundings which means I completely wasting my high/time. I'm going to smoke tomorrow after a month long t-break and try as hard as I can to just not think at all and to only perceive/enjoy my high. I'm going to immediately start listening to music after I smoke and try to only focus on the music and absolutely nothing else.

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