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Thoughts on withdrawal..?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Pruning_bush, Jun 29, 2017.

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    Hi lovely people,
    I'm currently vacationing with my GF of 3 years, it's only our second holiday together though due to kids etc.
    GF has smoked roughly 1g daily for best part of 20 yrs. it's never been an issue, she holds down a full time job, attends to the kids etc etc. She was very clear with me from the start that weed was part of the "deal" and it didn't worry me as she was "functional"
    So last time we went away we posted supplies to the hotel in advance of our stay and it was there on arrival, wonderful, lovely holiday.
    This time we did the same but we are now on day 3 of our vacation and the goods haven't arrived :(
    We are having the most goddamn awful time. She is arguing and fighting with me over every little thing, it's like everything I do is wrong and she hates me. I really am trying to stay calm and remember it's most likely lack of weed that is causing this reaction but tbh it's ruining our trip.
    All she's done so far is fight with me and sleep and I'm just left crying in the corner but I'm trying to empathise I really am.
    I guess is package arrives and her mood lifts I'll know for sure but right now I just feel lonely, useless and unloved.
    I wanna go out, get cocktails and have a laugh...
    Rant over

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  2. Ruining your whole holiday because of no weed?! Seems selfish and unfair. It's not that hard to find weed but sounds like she doesn't deserve it.
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  3. I know right?! But at this moment everthing I say is me "starting an argument" rather that just a discussion between adults.
    I've spent most of today trying to find weed here but no luck. Especially since we've been in the stupid apartment most of the day....

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    Weed is good let's just get that out the way. She might be habituated to it cause she's done it for 20years but don't treat her like an addict. She knows she's not but you might be treating her that way.
    I carry a lot of stress and I don't like depending on anything. I can go without smoking weed but I will be that much more stressed. I know weed should not be the only solution for stress but it is a solution...a healthy solution but for some people it does not get rid of all stress and exercise or yoga or meditation is advisable.
    If you drink orange juice or coffee 3 times daily for 20 years daily before you do will suffer 'withdrawal' if it suddenly and unexpectedly stops. Unless she putting crack in that spliff don't tell her she's an addict or suffering withdrawal.

    If a pot head cant get pot he's not likely to be passing out arbitrary BJs to get high...not likely...there are some maybe but not much if they just on weed...
    Weed ain't a drug it's a plant. You can't get addicted or suffered withdrawal in the clinical sense of the word.

    More people in history have died as a direct result of using to much asprain or even coffee but none have died as a direct result of the actual weed.
    Correct me if I am mistaken...

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  5. Thank you for your input trickroller, and I agree with everything you are saying, at least from a scientific point of view...
    But we are sitting here on holiday in a darkened room, in which she plans to stay all day .
    I asked her what would you like to do today, she says "smoke a joint".
    I ask her if I can get her anything she says "no, I just want to smoke a joint"
    In my mind that's addict behaviour, if only lower end...
    Jeez I have a pretty regular sniff indulgence but I'm not climbing the walls.
    Anyway I'm going out, I'm not staying here to be verbally abused all day

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  6. #6 DreadNugs, Jun 29, 2017
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    I say tell that chick to take a hike. Sounds like she's more trouble than she's worth. She's an adult acting like a child. It's weed not other chit.

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  7. #7 Bill Dauterive, Jun 29, 2017
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    Wow what a bitch.
    Tell her to suck it up and stop acting like its a hard drug.

    In the corner crying? Did you order your nuts to be delivered to the hotel too?

    I wouldnt even marry a stoner chick for that very reason, woman are emotionally unstable even without weed.
  8. Oh please, there are woman who will suck you dry for a gram. OPs girl sounds like she would do that at this point.(no offense OP).

    Weed is definetly a drug (same as coffee) and you CAN get addicted and you most definetly get withdrawals, anybody who believes otherwise is in denial or hasnt been smoking weed long enough.
  9. Hmmmm, been thinking the same for a little while now.

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  10. What do you do when you are stressed or want to take your mind off something? I don't know her...
    But everyone does something as their personal recreation to relax and more...
    For example:

    Smoke weed
    Drink booze
    Watch tv
    All of the above
    Jerk off
    All of the above again

    She might be down or something go take her to a lake or something to toke. Take her weed and leave a trail leading to the shower then to the car. Ask her if she wants to make love high in the Wilderness... u both win I guess...
    I hope I'm not making light of a serious situation...but weed is not addictive. She might just have issues

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  11. I'm not sure you read my post properly man. I been trying to find weed since we got here, I'm in a country where 10% of the population admit to regular smoking so it shouldn't be hard to find really. But when you're somewhere you don't know it's not that easy is it?
    Except if I wasn't looking for it right?!

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  12. And yes she has issues which she starting to self medicate with weed 20 ish years ago. All things come with a price

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  13. Self medicate is a relative term

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  14. Explain

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  15. And yes you do seem to be making light of the situation @trickroller
    You heard that saying about walking a mile in another man's shoes?

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  16. I've seen it in action and I know how it is. I mean, I fiend for weed when I expect to have it and I just want to be high but it's NOTHING like it is for females.

    It's not as vicious as real addictions but it's right on that line, my buddy's gf is like that and it's incredible. He just avoids her for the most part. Does create a lot of tension and there isn't much you can really do but always have it on deck. She clearly has a psychological addiction and believe it to be a by default, when she's out to sea without it, she will panic...which translates into stress/bitching/PMS-like symptoms.

    Maybe head out to a bar and ask around? or get her whatever mixed drink will take just the edge off?

    It's eerie because that's EXACTLY how my friends gf is. I experience it to some degree and have come to understand it but it doesn't really help when you're there.

    It's at the IDOL stage. A LOT of things can get there, TV/Shopping/etc. Really not much you can do if she doesn't want to give up her idol. Everybody has "something"...and people are sometimes secondaries...whether it seems that way or not, because the primary is always satisfied it can be hard to tell.

    Anyway, some people are at least open to talking about it. Hopefully that's the case here. Good luck. Pretend you're skating on thin ice though and tread lightly with little feelers.
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  17. There are no physical withdrawals from smoking and then stopping abruptly, but yes sir...there is a real difference in the "mood" of the individual for several days. Hope your package arrives soon. I've never considered mailing my goodies so they'll be there when arrive. As bad as my luck is, I'd probably having a police officer waiting for my arrival instead. LOL Sorry for your disappointing vacation. But try to give her a break. It is the fact that she doesn't have anything to smoke....but my sympathy goes out to you too. TWW
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  18. you need to face the fact that your package might not arrive. I have sent packages that people got just like they were supposed to and then I sent another and the package never arrived. I've had this happen several times. I saw a thing on tv where they're starting to open and inspect more packages.

    I would try the bars too. Ask a bartender. Tell him your gf is jonesing.

    The withdrawal from it is a lot milder than other drugs but they do exist. Most often it's insomnia and
    feeling stressed out. But it's gone in like 3 days, although the insomnia can last a long time. You'll be home by then.
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