Thoughts on white people using "*****" as term of endearment?

Discussion in 'General' started by Blaze, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. I really don't see the problem if a group of white people are hanging out and one says "you guys are my *****s" or "what's up my *****"

    What about you guys?

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  2. Idk there's some crazy mofos out there that for some reason will take offense to it but I do it all the time when I know they are not within a 10 mile radius. I'd rather not got shot is what I'm trying to say

    Edit: It's cool, I have a black friend
  3. I'm white and I say it.. none of my black friends never cared, one has even insisted i just call him "black man".... weird.

  4. its really the only way for the word to stop becoming so offensive and moving past racism
  5. If I heard white people calling eachother the N word, Id give them an expression that says "what the fuck?" but then keep walking, it would be kinda strange unless they look like little gangster wannabe's then it would be half expected but not respected.
  6. I use it all the time when talking to my black friends (Physically I look white, but I'm only half if that makes any difference). They never seem to care, although some people take offense to it. I use it in a friendly way, and as long as I don't use it in a racist way it's never a problem.
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    Im white and most of my friends are brown or black, they don't care about it so i dunno if its because i grew up around it with them or what. I can get away with saying it in the hood,I wouldn't be down to just say it to anyone though aha fuck that.

    And its on rare occasions that i actually do say it.
  9. I don't think whites should use the term. It refers to black people, and especially with all the negative history behind it, why would they? I use the term very very rarely, and not even towards blacks. Just if I'm angry or something. I'm not racist. Even ending the word in a is retarded if whites use it. Ghetto whiteys are fucking stupid.

  10. I don't see why it has to be a 'ghetto' thing. Even the most proper black people use the term.
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    white people live in ghettos too... also, black people weren't the first race of people to be enslaved.
    we're not all that different... we need to look past all the bullshit that doesnt exist anymore.

  12. No, it refers to ignorant people.

  13. Funny, the people that act out what your sig pic says are usually teenagers/high school drop outs.
  14. Shit only flys in the suburbs.
  15. i only say it playing around or some shit! lol who takes any white kid saying ***** seriously? i pity the fool!

  16. point being?

  17. Just a coincidence.
  18. Its not that bad. I call people ***** a lot and I'm white. I call black people ***** too, if you act like a nervous bitch about it they get mad, you just say it normal and they don't give a fuck. I'm not gonna get mad when someone calls me bro even if they're not my brother, its just a slang nickname or whatever you'd call it.
  19. When i think about this i think its okay with friends but not too random people

    i mean if some black dude came upto me and called me a cracker i would step

    him out for it.

  20. oh lol,suppose it is true though.

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