Thoughts on this inline?

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  1. So ive been looking for a inline for a while now. And i sawl this on ALT relatively cheap compared to the other inline's i sawl. So have any of you guys ever heard of Euphoria glass and do you think this is a good deal?
    Euphoria - 38mm x 4mm inline Tube

    (Note-Not sure if im riding the border here or not so let me know if i need to delete this)
  2. i was lookin at that piece the other day....that thing is sick as hell and i wish i had 300 to drop on it myself. Seems like a good price for a quality inline and chances are that if your buying from alt its of very high quality judging by the company this glass keeps on the site
  3. Yah, i noticed they added a new heady section and thought i would check it out i mean this piece is simple but pretty badass. Ive been trying to find any inline fairly cheap but most of the ones on alt are in the 400 plus range and this one looks like it holds its own.
  4. The worked sections are really... clean...

    Can't say how well it will work but it will surely impress with it's looks. If you're clumsy I wouldn't get one with 4mm. For 300 there's plenty of 9mm's to choose from, probably not any inlines though. I was looking for an inline as well but I decided to get a sturdy straight bong with an inline a/c attachment, close enough for me.
  5. imho,i was looking at it close and if you notice above the inline can,it goes up into a triple doughnut which looks like it doesnt have to much room for buildup if you dont keep it super clean it will clog on you pretty easy,,peace LEAR
  6. Yah you make a good point only if i could get a custom lear inline now that would be some fucking very well spent money ive seen some of your work and its sick.
  7. looks pretty sick dunno if id dish 300 bones on it being only 4mms thick but i suppose it is worked a lot and does look radddd, get an ashcatch bowl for it problem solved haha
  8. Yah this inline is deffinetly now placed in the back of my head. Only thing is i dont like the thickness only being 4mm but im gona keep checking around and if i like nothing else this will be my next piece to purchase.
  9. that melted a hole in my head! i want it soooo badly im not gnna sleep till its mine!!!!

    dope ass fuck
  10. That's beautiful..
    However the last couple days I have been browsing random sites and I think I saw an inline bong that had a perculator too for way cheaper, but I'm unsure of the quality or if I could even find it again.
  11. As much as i like perc's on every one of my friends bongs that had perc's they all had the worst drag so bad i never even wanted to pack the things im pretty satisfied with just a inline no perc's. Unless im proven wrong.:smoking:
  12. Sick looking inline for $300. If you're set on an inline go for it, otherwise $300 could go a loooooooooong way on a different non-inline piece.
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    luke wilson, vertigo, and HVY are all better i would say, and they are all on that sight.... if not now, they will be eventually

  14. Lol, ALT actually carries stuff by all 3 of those companies!

  15. thats what i said "they are all on that site"... their regular inlines arent available right now though

    vertigo has none, HVY has a double percd one, and Luke wilson has an 800 dollar one
  16. I'd see if you could get SSFG to make you an inline tube, which probably would be cheaper and just as good if you can. I know they make great inline a/cs and i've seen a couple of their bongs which are great looking as well.

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