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Thoughts on this article?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by GreenTeaFtw, Feb 1, 2014.

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    Ok I am 23 years of age and like a lot of other people I smoked before the age of 18. After reading this article I found it had a high rating and thought, does smoking weed in adolescence really cause significant brain damage? 
    I believe I haven't been affected by smoking weed in my younger years, but I want to know others views/opinions on this article. Is it just garbage? 

  2. the association between schizophrenia  and smoking weed has been around for so long that you got to be naive to think that it is all bullshit.  There arn't hundreds of cases of adolecents smoking weed and then becoming severly schizopharnic as  adults but that doesn't mean that 0 damage is done.  I think anytime you take something that alters your state like weed does, there has to be some residual effects.  
  3. Doing anything that gets you high, drink, smoke, inject, whatever... before your brain is fully developed fucks you up somehow. You're not going to know how it did, but yeah, your intellectual growth is stunted. How much and exactly how is going to vary between individuals.
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    "could damage brain function, potentially increasing the risk for schizophrenia, So, it appears, There is likely a genetic susceptibility,"
    In other words, We really don't know for sure, but we think it might be.
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    I'm of the belief that altering the brain chemistry (getting high) during ongoing brain development has the potential to cause significant damage long term to said brain. Be it due to weed, prescription pills, alcohol, whatever I think it's just asking for trouble.

    However until the government wakes up and put an honest effort into true research through legal means we'll never truly know (well unless another country legalizes and does the work).
  6. But you would have to have some sort of predisposition to the disease, correct?
  8. That sounds about right; if the government starts researching this sort of stuff they could see how alcohol consumption and cannabis consumption way up in the aspect of brain damage (I personally believe cannabis would affect the brain less in adolescence than alcohol). 
  9. It's to my knowledge that yes, the only correlation to people smoking weed in their adolescence having schizophrenia later on is because they've inherited the disease since it's a genetic mutation. Marijuana simply works as a catalyst, meaning that if you have a family history of schizophrenia and then decide to smoke weed when your brain is developing, you're most likely going to have to deal with schizophrenia in the long run.

    For people who don't have a family history of people suffering from schizophrenia, there haven't been any links that marijuana consumption does any harm - long term or short term for that matter - to the brain. Most studies have always ended up being inconclusive at best and only relate to a small group of individuals.

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  10. Thank you :)
  11. Propaganda. Correlation does not equal causation, that's why they have to use qualifiers like greybeard pointed out.
  12. This kinda stuff scares me. Been smoking since I was 13, daily use started somewhere between fourteen and fifteen and was for about a year. Dont feel like it really affected me too much but makes me wonder what if I had waited. What would be different who knows

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    It's really not that bad if you took into account what I wrote earlier, stating that no really conclusive evidence has been found linking marijuana use to schizophrenia. You just have to remember that if you have a family history of schizophrenia you're more prone to having the disease if you smoke weed. 

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