Thoughts on the Illuminati?

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  1. Im just trying to figure out more about the whole illuminati thing, so what are your thoughts? Also share links and proof if you have any :smoke:
  2. The illuminati is fucked up. You google it or YouTube it some crazy shit comes up. They control lots of shit like the music business...
  3. It has as much reasoning as God. There is nothing but stories that say it exists.

    Not the historical Illuminati, but the 'modern' one that supposedly is behind every dealing and every war, and every event in human history
  4. do you believe in any history then?
  5. They run the world.
  6. Are you engaging in conversation or is this going to end up like the other thread?
  7. I saw a youtube video with like a hundred examples of Illuminati symbolism in movies and TV. I'll try to find it
  8. Illuminati control your soul your mind and ya body.Illuminati control your soul your mind and ya body.Illuminati control your soul your mind and ya body.
  9. [ame=]THE MUSIC INDUSTRY EXPOSED - References (Part 1/11) - YouTube[/ame]

    Warning: Once you know the truth, you can't unknow. I hope you know what i mean bro.
  10. i saw a youtube video that "insert metaphysical claim here"
  11. hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha
    -theyre russians
  12. my thoughts are the same as in the other 20 illuminati threads
  13. who knows really.

    i have had "experiences"

    but none that make sense or that i really care to share?
  14. Cause of death - Immortal Technique
  15. the illuminati exists just like god exists-in fantasy land
  16. They're real.
    And we're in a Matrix (education system, media, etc) designed by them.

    But it's ending soon... to give rise to a golden age.
  17. Ya this shit is deffintly reall I've seen tons of examples in the music industry myself (no from those videos)
  18. A secret society tryin to keep they eye on me?

    They real, and they are teh suck

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