Thoughts on Strawberry Cough?

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  1. Recently my friend from my area went down to Toronto to meet up with some of his buddy's, and he came back with just over an O of this strain called strawberry cough, which he was selling for 15/g. I bought about three g's and seshed it all in one day.. And I have to say, it was the BEST high I have had so far, I have had more known strains like Northern Lights and recently I had OG Kush, but I couldn't handle the OG, I have a problem with Sativa strains, because they give me more of a cerebral high, which I find hard to deal with, but back on topic, the strawberry cough gave me a small head high with the best body high I have ever felt. I really like this strain and was wondering what you blades know about it, or if you have ever grown it, smoked it, etc. Just leave a comment and I'll be as quick as possible with a response. (I'm collecting info on it as my next grow is going to be strawberry cough! :) )
    Peace GC! :smoke:
  2. Its good stuff bro, Im currently growing some strawberry cough and recently got to try it from the dispencery that i got my clone from :smoke: its a very nicee high. If your gonna be growing in a small room you deff wanna lst, i wish i did because it seemed to strech more then my other plant (bubblegum) and i dont have too much more vertical space. My buddy picked up an oz of it and you could see the buds were thinner and longer. I guess well just have to wait and see how tall she ends up.


  3. Thanks so much man, I think i'll take a look at the link in your sig, I love the strain itself, and I can't wait to grow it. Good luck to you as well, and I hope you have a great harvest. :wave:
  4. I've had Strawberry cough from Dutch Passion, very nice :smoke:
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    It's kind of expensive though..
  6. Kind of, Dutch Passion strains cost a little bit more than some of the other femm breeders but some of thier strains are worth paying a bit more for IMO. Power plant, Blueberry and Orange bud are very nice :smoke:

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