Thoughts on smoking morning vs. night

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  1. Here are my motivations behind the question, I notice that during the day I am so busy that my high is only used as a stress relief. Like a cigarette, I'm more relaxed but no matter how much I smoke I never get there.

    In the mornings however that good-ole wake and bake does the trick leaving me senseless and quite goofy.

    Night smokes are nice too, after a long day at work and after finishing up all of life's little chores. It helps to unwind and settle all the thoughts of a long day.

    The cons to all of these
    Day- not the high I'm looking for
    Morning- great but only happens once a day
    Night- feel like I slept through most of the high, I feel wasteful

    So I want to see your favorite time of the day to smoke!

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    I have the same problem. i hope you get some answers.
  3. I'm not a huge fan of the wake and bake, especially if I have shit to do and can't continue to smoke throughout the day. Leaves me feeling tired and burnt out, like I never really woke up.
    In the evening/night is my favourite, just winding down and relaxing, watching videos and browsing the net. Not immediately before I go to sleep though, cause then I feel like I wasted the high and it's difficult to wake up in the morning.
  4. I used to work painting houses and it was exhausting. There was nothing sweeter than smoking a joint at 6:30pm after work
    I felt like I could melt into anything I sat on

  5. Smoking early in the day just makes the day really drag on for me. I like the nightlife baby.!
  6. Yea I mean...I workout weekly and if I were to wake and bake...damn man I wouldn't get my ass off my bed lol.
    I like toking up after a nice workout, usually mid-day around 3pm. Feels amazing.
  7. I smoke a lot.... i smoke in the morning man...... if i wait and smoke mid day it would be worth it for the high but i just like to smoke man
  8. Well...... Smoke all day.
  9. Pretty sure this isn't the right section
  10. evening, night :smoke:
    It's like a daily reward for surviving through all the bullshit. ;)
  11. Wake and bake and midnight smokes are the best. I can't get as high in between but I'll get a buzz and even that only lasts like 30 min.
  12. The high is so much better in the morning when I'm more awake, but the rest of my day sucks if I can't get a nap in later. I mostly smoke a few hours before bed so I can sleep.
  13. midnight snacks over everything

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