Thoughts on revegging after harvest. Gimme that sweet advice

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  1. Going to be harvesting my girl next Monday and was considering revegging lower buds to produce a new bush and take some cuttings. I know it takes some time but I was wondering what you fellows think? Who has experience with this and how was your second harvest? Worth the time? I have no more seeds at the moment and have a lot going on right now so I figure this is the easies way to get another small crop going.
    I'll put up side pic. It's one lady that's been super cropped four times or so.
    Planning on taking all outer branches and nugs and taking the whole thing down to the general shape of the red circle; leaving smaller popcorn buds to reveg.
    Thanks in advance for input! :love-m3j:

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  2. Oh someone tell me something lol

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  3. I don't have any experience with t but from what I've read it's just like monster cropping but with a lot more added stress so it will take time I have a bag seed growing that has done extremely well and I plan to do this to save the genetics would like to hear some more experienced input also

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  4. I have re-vegged a few plants and got a successful "bumper crop" from each one,BUT...I'm here to tell ya,It is a Pain-In-The-ASS !!!
    (1) You gotta really clean em up first by removing ALL the little tiny remains of bud on the stems,or you'll have dead sections of the plant to clean up later.
    (2) It takes at least as long to re-veg one as it takes to grow a new seed or clone.(About 2 months)
    (3) It grows soooooo many little skinny twigs out of the old branches , that you're constantly having to prune them out,or it just gets TOO thick and bushy
    (4) The new branches that you choose to keep and flower will NEVER be as fat and sturdy as the first set of branches were,so they will have to be supported when the buds develop , or else they will just flop over with the bud weight.
    Soooo...Even though you end up with a yield of about the same as the 1st harvest was,It is just too much work for this Old Fart to fool with .
    Now if you'll excuse me, I've gotta go harvest and trim the LAST ONE of these "bumper crops" that I'm ever gonna do.From now on,I'm a "seed freak", or a "cloner", or ANYTHING but a "Re-Vegger"
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  5. yea ive hadv a go at re veggin , it easy to do ,,i just did as Bediser said etc ,,,then i cut the root =ball in half .them got a pot a size bigger than last used ,,fill half way up the new pot with new soil/potting mix and fill in around the reast of the root ball with the soil/potting mix....then water ,,,few weeks later the new grow with start by having whirled shaped leaves at first ,them start making normal leaves ,,,the new stems or shoots as they grow you can thin out to how many tops you want ,,,,,or if your short of seeds you can also take the shoots/stems youve taken off to thin out ,,use them as clones ,so you'l have the revegged [plant plus clones growing as well ,,,sorry if sound a bit muddled ,,but its is easy done ,,,,have a go 'cloudofganga',,,,mac'
  6. DUDE !!! You just made it even MORE work !!! LOL
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  7. I never did re-pot or change soil or anything,and after that 2nd round,I had worms that had raised families in it!
  8. I've clones plants at harvest. It does take up to two months to get them healthy and vegging again with new 5-7 leaves. Sometimes they branch like crazy and shoot out single leaves for a month.

    It's always best to clone in veg or early flower. It can still be done in early flower on the lower branches with very little shock up to 2-3 weeks in flower.

    I look at it this way. If it was the way to go it would be standard practice by now. Cloning and growing indoors has been around for 30+ years. If revegging harvested plants was the way to go that would also be some kind of standard practice. People do it to experiment and it does work but it never turns out better then just starting a new plant from what I've seen or cloning in veg. That's why it's not very common.

    It's more work. It's harder to get clones established and it takes way longer to get a healthy vegged plant again. The beginning veg stage of cannabis is so rapid a new plant easily passes up one sitting in shock trying to figure out what to do.
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  9. Well said,Tbone !
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  10. Thanks you guys! Just what I needed. I think I'll be skipping the re-vegging then lol

    Sounds like a bit too much.
    May eventually give a go for the hell of it but for now I'm staying away.
    Happy smoking GC dudes
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  11. Yeah,It's only worth it if you need to keep a special strain from going extinct...These do make great Mother plants...All the clones you could ever need !
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