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  1. About to order seeds for my next grow I chose aurora indica by Nirvana. Don’t have a ton of cash to spend so I can’t go buy 20 separate ingredients but wanna do a little better than just soil so I know this isn’t perfect but as far as being a decent mix that can serve me well, I know I won’t maximize my yields but as least be a nice little mix. This is what I’m thinking but could definitely use advice on ratios. I’ve already purchased Kellogg organic potting mix, perlite, plan to buy depending on response chicken manure and earthworm castings because it seems like everything I’ve read says they’re very important for the microbes. I’ll post pics of the manure and soil. The soil is supposed to have additives like dolomite lime, bat guano etc. although it does not give ratios. Also plan to feed gh maxibloom from start to finish. I’ve got perfect ph well water and the plants will veg inside/out and flower outside in the sun but be brought in at night. If any other info is needed please let me know. [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Will be growing in 5 gal smart pots as well for ratio help.
  3. Anyone help me on this please
  4. I don't grow organically so i won't be of much help. There is TONS of information on here though.....go check out the organic side of the house and go through some of the old posts and conversations you'll find just about anything you need. Good luck!
  5. I’ve been reading through all day found tons of organic recipes but they all list more ingredients than I can afford right now just don’t wanna mix too hot. Oh well I’ll look through some more and see if I can find anything about manure to soil ratios. Thanks
  6. I think I’m just gonna go
    25% chicken manure
    40% soil
    35% perlite
    And just skip the worm castings since it’s listed in the soil.
    Planning on making a journal for this grow as it’s my first run with feminized seeds if I can figure it out so we’ll see how it goes
  7. Thats a safe bet. I made a soil attempt now im in coco coir. Thing is mantaining your ph. Chicken poop is awesome!! Ive had no problems using it. Its still in my nutes and still use it in coco. Just watch your ph. Oh and you can put a hand full of chicken poop on the bottom of your pots ao when your roots get there they have a feast!!! One thing that will help with strength and structure is silica. But if you cover your basics bat guano dont matter. Chicken poop is much safer for plants and well rounded npk. I would worry mostly about your flower nutes. Get some flower fuel or something with some good p and k for flower. Start with low nutes work up then switch nutes after the flip. Maybe read someones grow and see what issues may arise. This your first grow?

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  8. I grew a bag seed to flower but it was a male. I’ve got two more bagseed plants growing now almost a month into veg so I still haven’t made it to flower so yeah I’d say first pretty much. I plan on using gh maxibloom and grow. Getting feminized seeds as well this time no more bagseeds for me. Does manure mess with your ph bad? I’ve got a ph and tds meter coming before I start the fem seeds just figured fuck it with the bagseeds but I’ve never had any signs of ph issue but definitely gonna check before this grow. Now that I’ve got 3 plants worth of mistakes I feel pretty good lol and I definitely look through everything on here constantly I can’t learn enough.
  9. I was reading up on the silica and I’m definitely adding it to the list after reading it can help the plant withstand extreme temps. I know I was reading someone’s journal the other day and they were talking about it if I remember correctly they said add it to water check ph then add nutes then ph again?
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  10. I use the dent method on bag seeds. If the base of the seed has a indent thats rounded its female usually. Males are flat or pertuded. Some growers do this others dont belive in it or have bad eyes i guess. Sounds like you have a great nute line up for them should do well bro. Keep us updated

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  11. I’ve read that in a couple places before I’ll have to do my own little experiment next time I have some bagseeds. I sure will thanks for the feedback.
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