Thoughts On My New Bong

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  1. Waiting on my new piece to cone in the mail what do you guys think ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1405780153.825739.jpg

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    Fucking sweet dude! double perc with lot's of air flow.
  3. Thats a beast downstem, the bong looks pretty delicate but it must hit so smooth. How much did u pay for it?
  4. Looks very good. 
    OG chronic  :bongin:
  5. Looks very nice. What did you pay?
  6. Daaaamn thats a niiice bong man. My buddys got one a lot like that...two quad percs with a honeycomb at the bottom omg.... Those percs make a golden, milky hit like a breath of fresh air ill tell you.
  7. I paid 144 including shipping

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  8. the ice pinches look way too high for my taste but other than that it looks good dude. 
    be careful as fuck with the tree percs tho man they're pretty delicate
    enjoy your piece!!

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