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Thoughts On greenhouse Germination Vs. Other Methods

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by CannabisInCanada, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, I was just curious about your thoughts on the methods which are presented in this video:

    The grower seems to prefer the "greenhouse" method which he says is an old school method vs. the paper towel and open soil methods and gives some compelling info as to why.

    Wanted to get some more experienced opinions!

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    I have not done the paper towel thing in decades.
    I soak 24 hours on a warm DVR or cable box then put in a solo cup 75% full,plant them 3/16" deep, put a sandwich bag over the cup then put them up on a high shelf where its warmer with a T5 on them. As soon as they sprout take the bag off and let them breathe.
    From there I add a little soil to bury the stem and end up with short bushy devils.
  3. Seems like it's similar to the view Jason endorses in the video; what about soaking the seeds? Risk it?
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    Yes I soak them in warm water, a little clear tupperware container with a lid and put them in my DVR in my entertainment center. They stay about 80 degrees and most all will sprout in 24 hours. Strait to the soil.
    I spent well over $1,000 on seeds this year so I cant fuck them up. I have a solid method like his.
  5. I watched half of it but it became unbelievably annoying when he kept using terms incorrectly. His main point of covering the pots is worth doing and if you are growing in soil you may as well start them in soil is true but he is obviously very new to the hobby as he kept dropping terms that he didn't fully understand
  6. MrCompletion uses snoopdogs method too. Very successfull. It's like giving your baby's a nice warm bath before they hatch into the evil world. MrCompletion likes to burn candles and have insence burning and Enya playing too to make the feel relaxed. Though MrCompletion doesn't rest them on snoops DVR he has his own.

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