Thoughts on defoliating?

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by Ancient3328, Jan 12, 2023.

  1. So I know defoliating has been a topic of debate amongst growers for a long time & being as how I haven’t looked into it for years, I am curious what all of your views are on it.

    I have some friends that grow organically that do it, I have some that don’t & both arguments make logical sense to me, however, I currently have some gigantic plants in 20 gallon containers that I feel a lot of the light is being blocked out for on the lower branches & my intuition popped through to post this & see what people thought.

    So, do you do it & if so, what is your preferred technique or method for doing so?
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  2. Inside it depends whether it is an auto flower or photo period. Then it depends on the plant training techniques you use, as well as lighting. I do defoliate and see more consistent bud size. I do not believe I lose much if any yield doing so. My lighting gives me the best returns in the top 12" of the plant therefore I train to mainlines or augmented mainlines. Opening up the plants lower buds is a must for my training and growing style.
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