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  1. I think in many ways the mind of a child is superior to that of an adult. Of course there are intellectual deficits on the side of a child for any comparison, but in sheer correctness of philosophy I think the child's mind is much superior. Children live I think how adults should.

    They are so much lighter than we are, their neocortex I think is proportionatly much more involved in thought then adults, with adults using the limbic section much more often for decision making.

    In other words, kids DGAF, and adults consider social considerations much too much.

    We all remember when being cool started being important. I remember I was 12 when judgement on peers started really happening. Before that no one cared. No one cared what you wore, what you liked, the color of your skin or whatever. No one cared. Because it really doesn't make sense to care, it doesn't make sense to look into someone more than is necessary.

    Unless your survival depends on it. I think "cool" is really a weak surface word for a very very central tennet of human evolution and shit like that. I think our "cool" ancestors were the survivors, the uncool, regardless of their merits, were the outcast. I think "coolness" is one of human evolutions greatest follys. Coolness was a way for individuals who were perhaps in other areas were unskilled, but were to manipulate social loopholes humans inherited from their mammal ancestors, and over time more and more individuals surviving on coolness were bred until it became a silly, central tennet of the human society.

    So we were bred to observe our coolness. It became even more important than being right or really contributing.

    Think about it, we are bred to observe what others say about what we think, sometimes even in the absence of others, we ponder UNCONCIOUSLY what others will think, and supress things that will make us uncool unconciously.

    Its like an unconcious filter we all have, and the source of ALL anxiety, and suppression. And kids don't have it! They don't care, they judge things on the effective truth, not the societal truth. If they are sad, they realize they don't have to be, and are quickly distracted by something else. My brother loves army soldiers. Hes 6. And his favorite thing is when we go out to wear his solder costume.

    He doesn't care what people think. Some people are reading this, and maybe thinking, well duh, hes 6, of course he DGAFs. But there is a reason for everything, and what is the reason for such a stark difference between a 6 year old and a 30 year old?

    People giggle, moms and grandmas smile at the cuteness of a little 6 year old marching around in camo at the mall. But of course he doesn't comprehend, even if he did it wouldnt matter to him. There is a wiseness there.

    We all die alone, We all live alone.

    Kid's inherantly just know that. Its the only thing they ever know, until they are slowly either forced to play by societies rules or be subject to its wrath. They understand at a fundamental level the nature of pleasure and pain to themselves. They only live for themselves.
  2. "children are wise, even if adults cannot see it. we are so obsessed with teaching them that we do not notice what masters they really are." victor sanchez

    I think what i miss the most about my childhood is the feeling of freedom and not caring like that. Its no fun worry about everything all the time

  3. You should not, thats exactly what I'm saying. Have the strength, like a child, to ignore what is expected of you from others, but only pay attention to what is expected from you from yourself.

    Remember, societies wrath is totally revolved around your consent. If people ridicule you, for its effect to take place at some level you must feel the validity of their ridicule and be hurt by it. Question the validity, and if their is no validity deny the consent to let it get to you. It takes great courage, sometimes you'll feel crazy, going so against the opinions of others. But you have an existensial duty to yourself. Haters gunna hate.
  4. goddamn yes, great thoughts there man, +rep.

    fucking hell, i miss being a child. bump bitches, money, weed, i just wanna be a kid again
  5. i mean, when i have a good high, i basically turn into a little kid and indulge in all my guilty pleasures.

    like listen to "socially" embarassing music, watch all my old favorite disney movies, just be in my own little world.

    i think smoking weed sort of makes you a kid at heart
  6. only thing i remember about my childhood was runescape and pokemon.

  7. exactly, it does.
  8. Nobody is forcing you to go by "society's rules"
  9. I hated my childhood, I'd rather swallow razor blades and salt than go back to it. Childhood isn't all that it's cracked up to be and modern generations, I would argue anyway, don't have a childhood at all.
  10. I honestly miss my childhood, shit was fun as fuck. Everything now is too fucking serious. It's like, childhood is just one long hallway. And now shit is like a hallway with a bunch of turns and doors, and each door opens up some bullshit stressor. When before, you just cruise down that hallway however you wanted, worry free.
  11. Had some good times as a kid, I'm the youngest of 3 brothers and the amount of shit we got up to...:D

  12. Thats the whole point of this thread. You gotta think like a child man, most of the stress is rooted in some form of represssion. If you conquer yourself you become as light as you are in childhood.
  13. I was in and out of hospitals for most of my childhood lol...

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