Thoughts on cat calling?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by wars, Nov 4, 2014.

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    Opinions on this? Keep it civil =)
    Note: Reports of the video being staged or scripted are out there (but does it affect the issue is the question, cat calling does still exist fake clip or not)

  2. Every time I call a cat, it never picks up. Do they even know how to operate a telephone?
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    Have you ever considered quitting what you're doing and becoming a comedian?
  4. Have you considered using the search function to find out that there's a topic on this already? 
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    Keep it civil my ass.
      I say you are pretty. You feel harrassed. Oh sorry, I meant to say you are an ugly fuckin skank. Now out of the two.....which do you prefer?
    Ok the guy walking beside her for 2 blocks was creepy I admit. But just give a lady a compliment and she feels harrassed. That is bullshit. 
    When you walk by, would you prefer me to call you pretty or ugly? Not askin for a phone number. Just speakin a sentence. 1 sentence and then you never see me again for the rest of your life. Now what's it gonna be....Miss, pardon my boldness, but I must say you are beautiful
    Hey you fuckin ugly ass crack  addicted skank get your fuckin fat ass and flabby tits off my sidewalk before i rape and kill you!
     What do you prefer?
  6. Meow.
    Also, Pandora's Box.
    I did search prior and saw those results lol 
    Have you considered being contentious on a marijuana forum is very silly?
  8. Do you ever consider some women don't find your unwanted advances compliments?
    Women do end up harrassed/raped/assaulted for even just ignoring some of these calls?
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    It's in Pandora's Box. My apologies for being contentious. I was just trying to fit in. :/ 
    U totally started it though.
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    Calling bullshit.
    You haven't learned how to use the search function.
    I just did a VERY broad search.
    "cat calling"
    All forums.
    Search title AND content. 
    No other info or tags.
    When doing it as "display results as a topic list," it was the first thread.
    When doing it as "display results as posts," there were pages upon pages of posts highlighted with the phrase "cat calling" all from only that one thread this week.
    In the search function, it even gives you the protip in the very first box! 
    Tip: Search for a specific phrase by "enclosing it in quotes"
    [SIZE=13.63636302948px]Edit: catcalling isn't a word. It's cat calling. Space. You even wrote it that way in both your title, and also in your first topic post. I'd consider a careless mistake in this case, and I'm letting it go. xoxo[/SIZE]
    Nah, I don't care. I'm totally fine with this thread. I just come here to pass time my friend. I go to the toker's thread. Every single topic is repeated at least five times a day. I was just backing up Lenny because he's my idol and I want to ride his dick. I don't have anything on you, and I think this thread is fine. Again, xoxo
  11. listen my man, ive been apart of this forum for awhile and i know everyone gets rustled over two of the same threads i typed it hit search and didnt see anything recent so i made a thread 
  12. Unwanted advances? Oh go jump off a cliff. I gave you a compliment on your looks. But your personality is toxic.I aint makin no moves on you. I just think you are pretty. Don't patronize me like that.
    Men that rape women for any reason are sub-human scum. But do not catagorize all men in that light. Most of us are civil. We just end up hating women because they get all butthurt when another man tells them that they are pretty.
    I have to pay a hooker to lie to me and tell me that i'm good lookin. If ladies said that stuff to me, I would be walkin 3 feet off the ground and have so much confidence, I could be president.
  13. it's a free country.
    majority rules with minority rights.
    cat calling is free speech.
    guys are pigs = known fact for thousands of years.
    get the fuck over it. a real feminist woman would have
    turned around and said something and made it perfectly
    clear that they were being asses. but she purposely
    walks around and NOT says anything to  a soul and says
    she is proving a point? what point is that? closed mouths don't get fed?
    Lol anytime I compliment a female on her looks I'm definitely making a move
    you're honest of your intentions now, but when you get shot down I bet you laugh it off like you were joking.
  16. Opinion of a woman who lives on one of the busiest streets of downtown Ottawa:

    On the right day, with the right looking guy, a very friendly complement will make me smile.

    This is probably 1 out of every like 20-30 at calls I get.

    the problem is that I have to adjust my behaviour to avoid further harassment.

    If I'm not constantly people pleasing, I can get into trouble. for example, smiling and saying thank you!!! In reaction to the dirty smelly homeless man who pushed my shoulder in shock at what a "pretty lady" I am.
    Fake response, hate doing it.

    I KNOW from years of experience that if I ignore a cat call from the wrong person I will end up seconds away from calling the cops. Certain boys will scream and run after you just to prove you took their complement well in front of their friends, and as a 5'2 female, it's terrifying

    Men have free reign outside to judge women on their looks and it's not right. Men dot have to wake up and expect to walk a runway everyday. The worst is "nice tits". Perfectly describes how narcissistic cat calling can be. Shut your mouth, you frighten people.

  17. No one is asking for your compliments females don't dress so YOU give them compliments, did you honestly just try to use the "not all men argument" lol
    Here's a nice read for ya since it appears you're stuck on the "not all men thing"
    When you're aware rape stats are so high that you come to face to face with a rapist or victim daily you might understand why some women are scared of men especially random creepy strangers on the streets?
  18. So you mean to tell me that chivalry is dead? I do it because of her looks. And beauty is only skin deep. She could have a heart of ice for all I know.
      Now when I ask for a phone number or give her mine, then yeah, I'm bustin a move on her.
  19. What about when girls look down on other guys when they have the expected image of a hunky, chiseled, bad-boy? Puts down the other 100 million of us. Or when other women put down other women? That's more prevalent and serious, then I think, catcalling. For some odd reason that I cannot seem to pinpoint genetically, I sense a lot of sensitivity and extreme judgement from women about every little detail. I feel like they judge way more than men on a wide variety of things; at least men keep it barbaric but simple- ass and titites- so it's less damaging in my eyes. 
  20. And the argument that guys want to e cat called is a double standard. If you were living in a society where you were told your looks come first and not your importance, the number one thing you would want to avoid on a casual basis is anything that puts you back in that reality where the only value you have is your beauty. I'm just saying, guys have it fucking easy in comparison to the volume of Media out there dissecting girls beauty. You'd think we could get away from in on our way to the bus or the grocery store but we can't

    Sound pleasurable ?

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