Thoughts on bubblers?

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  1. Just bought one, along with an OG chillum. Do they get the smoke as clean & chilled as a bong ? Are they better than non bubbler pipes or chillum? bought these 2 pieces instead of vaporizer. [​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. They're kinda annoying as fuck to get the ashes out once your done with the bowl. I bought a bubbler and wish i hadn't cause all i use now is my airizer extreme q vape because how much weed it saves and how easy it is on my lungs

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  3. Bubblers are great. Not as good as a bong by any means but they do work and there is a noticeable difference on the harshness of the hit.

    My personal experience is that you need to keep them clean. Easiest way to do that is to rinse it well after every session, even if it's just you. If it's you and friends you'll probably swap out the water for every couple of stoners if not every one in the circle.

    As far as keeping it clean goes I do the same ritualistic cleaning for all of my glass. I start by rinsing out the piece with hot water or let it soak in hot water. I wipe out the bowl area with a rough hand towel to get it as clean as possible. Then get a mason jar large enough to hold your bubbler, Then add enough alcohol to cover it, then cap it, then let it sit for half hour to over night depending on how dirty it is.

    Now rinse with hot water until the alcohol and other stuff is flushed out. Save the alcohol in the mason jar as you can re use it over and over again. Replace with fresh alcohol every few months. Choose 91% isopropyl alcohol and it helps if the glass is still hot from the hot water flush.

    you might try warm or even hot water when you hit your bubbler. It makes the hit smoother and it's easier to hold it in. Enjoy your bubbler broski, they are pretty cool in my experience.
  4. Bubblers ain't bad can get some nice hits off them I like the bubbler I got need to clean it tbh
  5. I hate those things they get clogged after a couple days, ashing them sucks. I'm sure shops will start giving out those things instead of the cheap little novelty pipes their stocked up on now :smoke:
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  6. Bubblers are nice to smoke with but:

    They're a pain in the ass to clean.

    Nuff said.

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  7. I personally never liked bubblers. To me, it's just something to imitate a bong at a lower cost/smaller size. I tend to get water in my mouth using them somewhat often, yet that might be because I simply pull too hard. They also seem hard to clean. That OG chillum, however, has a special place in my heart. I don't use mine often, but it makes smoking easier in places where I previously would not have smoked.
  8. I love bubblers, provided they have a normal slide bowl.

    Precoolers with a J-hook make awesome bubblers. Because it comes apart in 3 pieces it's very easy to clean.
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  9. Just make sure you have a bucket of Iso handy to soak it every night with ease.

    Do like the hit and how cool it is...over bongs tbh, IF it was just magically clean every hit.
  10. i always seem to suck the bubbler water into my mouth with those things. Gross.
  11. I loved my bubbler that I used to have. Used it daily for the longest time but It disappeared along with all my other smoking gear and most of my belongings when I went to jail 8 years ago. Great for home but definitely not a piece for being out and about

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