Thoughts on being sick?

Discussion in 'General' started by Deleted member 95373, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. God I hate being sick... I feel like death. I'd rather have broken bones then have to deal with this shit.

    I can't swallow my own spit, let alone a drink. My nose is clogged and its making it harder to breathe(I also have bronchitis) and for some reason my body is sensitive to the touch and I feel this kind of daze in my head... like I was high but not really... I can just tell I'm not thinking like I normally do.

    So post your rants on being sick and if you think you've got a home style remedy that might help feel free to post it.
  2. ive been sick all week, and its no fun. i too would rather have broken bones than to have to deal with it. im feeling better today though. i think.
  3. im sick too, and i have work at 330....ugh...
  4. Spicy food is my home remedy.

    Whenever I am sick with any kind of congestion, weather I have a fever or stomach problems, too, I always opt for the spicy food.

    If stomach is upset, i got for soda crackers, if I'm feeling okay, I'll make a bowl of chicken soup. Either way, I drench it with peppers and hot sauce. Enough to make you panic when the spice hits your tongue.

    It clears your congestion faster than any drug remedy. Be warned though, it burns JUST as bad coming back up if you think you're going to throw up.
  5. Yeah at least with broken bones they give you pain meds.
  6. Spicy food to help your stomach???

    I have been eating echinechia all week, everyone around me is sick :eek:
  7. Congestion man. I don't know about stomach upsets. Stick with the pepto on that on I geuss.
  8. i just got over the worst cold/flu ever.
    vitamin c and water. and lots of it.
  9. Word.
    FYI cherry pepto sucks, stick with the original.
  10. Thanks for the advice

    Oh and Sam the spicy thing goes without saying, I have terrible congestion issues when I'm not sick and I live on a diet of the spicy :p

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