Thoughts on being naked?

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  1. So theres this huge stigma around being naked, all these nude photo scandals and what not. Whats the big deal, why are people ashamed of their bodies? Guess that is due to the society we live in but still. Thoughts?

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    I agree OP. People are too self-conscious with everything they do in their lives.  Me and a couple buddies of mine all got naked at the same time at this party just to see what everyone would do. Very eye-opening experience
  4. To be honest I'm naked most of the time always in my bedroom a lot in apartment.
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  5. What brought this to light was when I was laying in bed with my girl both of us were naked and it just felt so natural and right. Now I see all these people that are so damn self concious its sad

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  6. For most people public nudity is a bad idea. Nudists need their own places so the rest of us don't have to look at the their sagging sacks of junk. In San Fransisco, in the Castro district, they recently outlawed being naked in public ... not sure if it was ever really legal, but a lot of people got away with it and then there was a crack-down. Those against it said it was gross and out of control, all these fat old gay men with their little dicks walking around and in your face when you're trying to eat at a sidewalk restaurant or something.
  7. om nude probably 90% of the time however there is a time and place for everything
  8. that was not a stigma, that was an invasion of privacy

    I think you should reword yo shit
  9. I am not necessarily uptight about nudity but I don't think people should be nude in public because it is just unsanitary.

    Plus I wouldn't want nudity to become non sexual.
  10. People need to stay dressed in public. Its called decency. Want to be naked? Move somewhere where everyone wants to be naked.
  11. I think people need to get over nudity. They don't need to start walking around naked 24/7, but it shouldn't be a big deal in a casual, non sexual situation or if you accidentally saw someone.

    Trying to hide it added the forbidden fruit element that wasn't a problem at one point.
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    * = Women nudists only 
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  13. lmao this guy.
    Oh wax always make me laugh man. Haha
  14. IMO nudity isn't as big of a deal as people make it out to be, and it doesn't always have to be sexual. My province has laws that women can go topless just like men but people generally don't.
    I think clothing-optional beaches should be the norm though.
    Haha yeah same here. I just wear a robe but I'm still naked. I also refuse to sleep with clothes on. After sleeping naked once I can never go back to wearing clothes. It's even better in the winter with no clothes, to me.
  16. Look
    Muh body
    Muh choice

    Get over what I wear or don't in public!
  17. This is my wal-mart outfit
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  18. People just need to be more accepting!!!!!!1!1!1

    Nobody chooses how much skin i show!

    Me me me me me!

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