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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Dredastar, May 10, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone... well im 20 and was always an athelte and could never smoke but now I can because I dont play anymore and its unbelievable. Im dissapointed I missed out on it earlier. Well Ive been smoking for about 5 months now and everytime find out new things about marijuana. Im blazeed right now but I was thinking bout something I thought was crazy: isnt it amazing if you think about your best friends and realize how you met them and stuff. now imagine a stadium filled with people, almost 99% of those people you will NEVER meet. and theres no way to ever meet all of them and you could be missing out on so many possibilites to find new things about life and people. Anyone else ever feel that way? I hope i made some sense haha
  2. I think about that stuff from time to time, but life isn't about looking back and wishing you would have done things differently. It is kind of sad that all of us are constantly missing out on things without knowing it.
  3. i heard a story about stephen king (i think it was him)... his first novel he wrote, he sent it into a publisher and they said it was crap... he took it, threw it away and never looked back...

    his wife took the novel out of the garbage without him knowing and sent it in to a different publisher and they loved it and thats how he became a sucessful published author... imagine if his wife never did that? one simple decision changed his life.

    think about how many things we "throw away" thinking it has no use, when in fact it could change our lives... and we will NEVER know what could have been.
  4. thats some deep thinking shit:smoking:
  5. what's interesting about stephen king is;

    he is rich as hell. he could prolly have any women he wanted.

    yet, he stayed with his wife (the garbage picker). and believe me, she is no looker...
  6. Plus he's a fan of nose candy.
  7. Stephen King's stories are so unbelieveably trippy...

    He's a closet stoner.
  8. i think the trick to life is you need to accept events as they come. because if were always dweling on the past or looking towards the futre were never really content with where we are right now are we?
  9. that first post really made me smile because it brought me back to when i first starting smoking and every high was an adventure full of discovery

    ah, weed. :smoke:
  10. you can't really think about all the shit that could have happend if you did something differently or else it would drive you crazy. but it does boggle the mind to think how many different lives are actually out there, and how many different stories are being told at this very second. sometimes when im driving ill just watch ppl and wonder where they are going, and whats going on in their lives. crazy shit
  11. yep thats true ,the story was carrie,it wasnt his first but it was his first selling novel.he was teaching english for 6400 a year and his wife tabby was working at dunkin doughnuts.they were livin in a double wide trailer.he threw the few pages he had started in the wastebasket because he didnt gel with the story emotionally,he didnt much like the lead character carrie white(a ready made victim),he didnt feel at home with the all girl cast of supporting charactors,and didnt think it would pay off unless it was long enough and the mens magazines he was writing for didnt like long stories.he couldnt see wasting two weeks or a month creating a novela he didnt like and wouldnt be able to he threw it away.the next night while tabby was taking out the trash she spied the pages and sat down and read them,told him she wanted to know the rest of the story.he told her he didnt know jack shit about high school girls.she said she would help him with that part.
    when his publishing company sold the paperback rights for $400,000 it put him on the map and he has proven to be one of the most prolific writers in history.its a good thing tabby wanted to know the rest of the story.
    for anyone wanting to know more about stephen king read "stephen king on writing a memoir of the craft"its one of my favorites, a must read for any one interested in the arts.
    to the future,
    scary visionary.

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