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Thoughts anyone?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by verboten2conflagrant, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Hello GC,

    I writing this as my first post just to see how other people would handle a situation that im in.
    i have been smoking weed High Grade since i was about 15. when i turned 19 i was forced to quit due to joining the military. since then i have been able to smoke however it has always been here and there, or once in a blue moon. looking back on it now i regret joing the armed forces not because i dont like being in the military but because my passion is marijuana. i love it! if i could i would smoke all day(im not). when i smoke weed not only terminates the worries in my head but it also keeps me calm enough to come up with a solution to the problems that lay ahead. its not that i want to smoke and be a lazy ass and just do nothing all day because i try my hardest everyday that i go to work for the military. i wake up and get straight to work and do everything to the best of my ability. i have a perfect CFT and an almost perfect PFT, and i dont do to bad a the range either. what i would give to do all that and come to a relaxing blunt to sway me away from the stressful situation im seemingly prone to in the military. i often find myself thinking about smoking and trying to find ways to smoke without getting in trouble with the government. Its worked so far but its still hindering me from smoking as much as id like.

    does anyone have advice they could give me in order to stop the want of smoking so much, or know how you can smoke in the military without getting in trouble. TRUST ME, i know i should just put down the jay and go on with my military career like anybody else. i might be one of the few that want to make a career out of the military - its my kind of lifestyle. its just that i love smoking more. i could get out and smoke all i could but then that would ruin my only chance of making it to the end and retiring at 39. My career is so important to me, but i cant imagine a life without weed.
  2. Go back in time and join these guys
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  3. But seriously if you really want to then why don't you just finish the time you have to serve and then leave the military? You knew what you signed up for.
  4. this is very true. thanks for your reply.
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  5. A buddy of mine was in Afghanistan and said they'd gotten high from what the afghans grow all the time so you might wanna be moved there. Of course there's the risk of getting shot.
    I would have never joined the military in the first place
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  6. Yeah I've seen photos like this and think some of these guys have got to be blazing it up. But I'm sure their officers wouldn't be too happy to find out. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  7. damn that actually gives me hope, thanks guys
  8. Man if you get this mail please mail me back.
    It seems like your having the same battle of a huge range of people I know including myself. I work in the pipeline utility section and like you accidents and danger is ever present ' real bad. In the UK and health and safety act was created in 1974 therefore creating the better for most guys. As time has gone by the system has added laws and regulations again. Bloody zero tolerance on all those things you earn and everyday risk ya life for ie cash to spend on getting away from the pressure of work environment. Random swipe and urine tests have fucked the backbone of my great Britain. It's infrastructure has hit an all time low with rising unemployment and interest rates.
    So what I'm saying is man hold on to the career, retire at a young age and still looking at 40 years of growing and smoking.
    Unfortunately for me the backbone of Britain can't work in my field due to failure of fucking government dope testing.
    Think about the future and how you got away with the past.
    British people need your military.
  9. A good friend of mine was in the Marines. He smoked weed from Friday night until Tuesday night. Everyday he drank a lot of water and ate a lot of Vitamin C Chewables. He was tested every Friday and always passed. Don't know what shape you're in, but he was solid and had not much fat if any.
  10. bs
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  11. thanks for your message, the plan for right now is to continue my career and just hope that ganja becomes federally legal. until then ill be just be in wait until i get out.
  12. i sure he could get clean quickly with the amount of exercise he does but i dont think he could get clean in a couple of days if he smokes everyday. i know you can get clean in as short as 2 weeks because ive done it. (with the help of activated charcoal.)

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