thoughts/advice on passing pee thc test.

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  1. I have to take a pee test for a job in about 2 Weeks. I was a daily smoker for over 3 years. By the time I take the test ill be about 30 days clean exactly. I have been drinking tons of water, green tea and cranberry juice, have a good metabolism, have been taking a daily multivitamin,but dont get a lot of exercise except walking. Not sure what level of test I have to take (15, 20 or 50 ng/ml) but am causing myself lots of stress about it. Any thoughts on if you think id pass? Or suggestions on what else to do or not do? Im about 6 feet 1 inch tall probably 175~180lbs. Please help!
  2. It took me exactly 3.5 months to get the wonderful weed out of my system, seriously, I was a heavy smoke, and then I drank too much water for the test, and it was inconclusive , so then I had another test, all was good, but I would buy some urine thc sticks , they ARE accurate
  3. You can just do an oil change, clean out your bladder and replace it with clean piss. Doing so is very painful =/
  4. What the fuck?

  5. How even...

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