Thought they were all gone? T12 > T5 conversion

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Sasquanch, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. I'm going through my garage and I see a fixture hanging that I never thought much about..after a closer look it's an old T12 fluorescent light fixture.

    I'm not hear to ask the generic "t* vs t*"..I figure it's just do some math and go for what you want.

    I'm hoping someone can give me some insight on converting from a T12 to a T5 bulb set up with the same fixture?
    I haven't found much help and the majority of topics on it are around a decade old, I can't find a "retrofit drop in" that are in all these videos either...

    I have however found the sockets for a T5 bulb, being smaller both diameter and length they also would need to be closer than the T12's...
    Can I just direct wire the T5 sockets into the fixture, and by pass the magnetic ballast?
    Would this allow me the use T5 LED bulbs in place of the Fluorescent?

    I'm open to anyone's thoughts
  2. There are two rypes of t5 led bulbs on the market that I have seen personally. Some will work when used in a standard t5 floro fixture. With those you would have to upgrade your ballast to a t5 ballast in order to use t5 led replacements. The other type of bulb use an external led driver rather than a floor ballast. Since you would need to upgrade your ballast, you might as well replace it with an led driver, and maybe add a few more bulbs to the setup. I do not know of any t5 led bulbs that will allow you to hook them up to 110/120 without a ballast or a driver.
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  3. That was my impression too, I was referred to bypass/remove the ballast from a "batt+bulb" store clerk. He said there's no need and would be fine just wiring it up.

    I'll look into LED driver sitUation and see what I'm looking at, trying to be budget friendly and maybe a little more Macgyver..haha

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